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    Jim Ratcliffe buying ocg nice

    French newspaper reporting that the UK billionaire is looking to buy the French football club for 100 million euros. Looks like our friends at uefa are going to have their work cut out trying to stop yet another billionaire owner upsetting the apple cart. Is paddy v still the coach?
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    End of the match day programmes

    Listening to radio discussing EFL possibly changing rules so it isn’t statutory to produce a match day magazine. Sort of feel sad its part another part of football I grew up with disappearing. Was never a great collector mostly bought them for the Tokens and away grounds I’d visited. Think the...
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    Parking and traffic issues for Burnley game.

    Haven't seen it posted anywhere else so apologies if its already been mentioned. Wife bought us tickets for the cycling revolution at the velodrome this Saturday (she didn't realize it was F.A cup this weekend). Anyway I know alot of blues use the velodrome car park and thought I'd better let...
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    Family fun day V Hull

    As anyone ever taken their kids to one of the previous fundays? Taking my six year old daughter to her first ever game and wandered if it might be worth going to this rather than taking her to city Square.
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    The Blossoms

    Apparently on the premier league show later showing how playing city Square helped them on the way to fame. Check out video for honey sweet features some old city programmes. I spent ages working out which games they were from.
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    Coventry City

    What a mess they are in. Just heard Richard keys on talksport slagging the owners off and didn't realise how bad a state they were in. They don't own the ground and could be moved out if no deal is agreed, training ground looks like it's may be sold for development and academy may be forced to...
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    One night in manchester: the gig

    Thought a few people would be interested. On radio 2 tonight at 10pm about how the sex pistols gig at the free trade hall changed music forever.
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    Stoke fans today

    Seem to have alot of Anger issues, quite a few fat old bald six fingered dingles and a bunch of St winifred choir school kids spent the whole game screaming at the home end. Plus just been pointed to a thread on the Stoke forum slagging up their own fans for smashing up the toilets in the away...
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    sailing lessons at debdale or sale

    Thinking of getting my dad some taster lessons for his birthday. Can anyone recommend either one of them. Many thanks in advance
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    The goat on fantasy football club

    Sorry if already done and it's a bit late. Currently on sky1 the goat is on picking his fave team. If your quick it will be starting on sky+1 at 10
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    Good night for indie music on bbc4

    Biggest band breakups Music for misfits the story of indie John peel lecture with Brian eno And at 12 am a documentary about joy division which reading the bbc blurb can't make out if I've seen it before. Apperently has some unseen live performance so ill be taping that.
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    whose going to pull the triger?

    After the indifferent start to the season, panic buying, failure to improve squads and natives getting restless who do you think is first for the chop? With Mr klopp eager to get back into the game I reckon it could be one of the supposedly top clubs. Apperently lvg isn't liked by anyone at the...
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    Thomas Tuchel to Newcastle?

    If they get him think he will be a good manager for them. Likes to get his team well organised and play on the counter. Have some friends who support mainz 05 and they all spoke highly of him. Although I'm sure I read that when he walked out on them to take a break that if he takes another job...
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    Big in Japan

    On my face book thing bob I get updates about fsv mainz05 they stuck this on this morning something about only 9 european clubs having a dedicated digital service in japan, and also noticed the one about the arabic twitter feed. Don't have a clue what it all means but shows what the club are...
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    oxfam 1969 cup final auction.

    Didsbury oxfam shop have a signed 1969 cup final shirt in the windows as part of their auction this week. Thee sign says that it's signed by city legends including Mike Summerbee and Tony Braw. Wasn't born until a few years later but was this Tony Braw guy the Glauber Berti of his day? What...
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    Greg Dyke

    So Mr Dyke wants to limit the amount of south Americans who play here but doesn't mind taking their watches
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    dealing with BT

    Does anyone know if its possible to ring someones mobile and get it to go straight to the persons voicemail before they can pick it up (rings once). As I have a complaint with said company and it keeps doing the same thing. have had calls from other people without any problems. Wondered if it...
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    Left hand drive car in uk

    Moving back to Manchester soon, was wondering anyone had experience of bringing back a left hand drive car? how much of a hassle is it to get it registered and when I comes to selling it will could it be a problem regarding the value etc many thanks in advance
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    Leicester City to spend millions

    Do you think someone should tell him not to bother, as this isn't the correct way you should aim for success and that he should go down the route of dippers, arse and rags and build success via your youth academy. Think someone should pass this article on to Uefa so they can nip it in the bud...
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    bbc analysis on our season
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