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    Soho Riots - New Music Video

    I'm the lead singer and this is our new track "Who's Your Man?" Let us know what you think.
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    Shall we have a look at some links?

    Mancini, the players and the whole club being written off over the last couple of years? There must be some belters out there. Here's an old one on Yaya: <a class="postlink"...
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    'Don't Wait For Me' - Joe Hart

    Spot on. He is the biggest attention seeking twat around which is why he was an awful referee.
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    AVB: "I refuse to build a team like City...

    I'm aware that the stereotypes of Italian football aren't accurate but they are still more tactical and defensive than the prem. How then do we belong there if we put 'attacking efficiency above all'. And how would we have comfortably the best defence in the prem?
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    AVB: "I refuse to build a team like City...

    These quotes are contradictory "And that's what City is doing right now: attacking efficiency above all" And also that we "belong in Italy" How exactly can those two statements be reconciled?
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    Jan Vertonghen

    He looked good against United last night. I think he could be a good addition.
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    Learner driver jailed for killing girl during first outing

    I know a lot of people will baulk at the sentence for a first time driver but she is extremely culpable. The fact is though that she's gone out driving in a residential area without having a clue how to drive, it's unacceptble.
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    Does David Silva need a rest?

    He can't play all of our next three games. He'll have to sit out one and presumably that'll be Sunderland away, he has to play Liverpool.
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    Mancini and Referees

    Hardly fair to judge on the basis of this season, managers never complain when their team win. It'll be the mark of him to see whether he complains the next time we drop points. Although I do seem to remember him being quite fair in the past.
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    City Have Bookies Running for Cover

    Using Betfair you could get a lot better odds than are being touted that would run into hundreds by the end of the year easily I think
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    Guess the Team Comp - Session 2 Match 6 QPR away

    Hart Richards Savic Lescott Clichy Milner Barry Toure Aguero Balotelli Silva Subs: Pantilimon, Johnson, Dzeko, De Jong, Kolarov, Kolo, Nasri
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    Latest Bookies Odds - Premier Leaguel

    Not the betfair odds are odds on without any margin which would suggest we are more likely to win it than not
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    Razak impresses for Pompey

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... -2741.aspx</a>? This loan spell could be great for him
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    5 reasons why City won't win the EPL - article

    Hands down, worst article I have ever seen.
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    Is Balotelli banned for Tuesday?

    That's surprising, Drogba only got a two game ban for his stamp. <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Is Balotelli banned for Tuesday?

    Was his sending off a two or a three game ban?
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    Could Richards be a centre back in the future?

    Good interview with him in the Guardian. Could he be a centre-back again in the future(bold bit half-way down the interview). I've never thought about him returning there because he's doing such a good job at right-back. Two days after the Carlos Tevez scandal, Micah Richards was in Leeds...
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    Can anyone get this in Desktop size?

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 34x411.jpg</a> Great photo
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    Karim Rekik is 16

    Date of birth : 02/12/1994 Wow, this guy could be a player.
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    Bayern Munich Flight details.

    Re: Bayern Munich away trip on sale now I couldn't see anything on the first couple of pages, have you got any links to coach deals?
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