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    Should Class A drugs be legalised in UK

    Every day there are reports of Kilos of Cocaine & Heroin being seized & Tens of thousands of pounds being confiscated plus dozens of Drug dealers being arrested but it seems there is a never ending supply of drugs & dealers & life in drug land carries on as normal Billions of pounds & years of...
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    Great Read in todays MEN by Dominic Farell

    What a refreshing change. Need more stuff from people like him. Pity I ain't a clue how to post the link but it well worth a read.
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    Man City v Swindon 1964 /1965 Season

    Good job Blue Moon was not about then as crowd was only about 8,500 but most of the fans went to York away
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    Looks like the Brazilian Legend is seriously ill & back in ICU Lets hope for a swift recovery I watched him in the 1970s when his club Santos was playing friendlies in the UK I was in Plymouth at the time & 36.000 crammed in to see him Santos got beat 3-2
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    Discount on usold Tickets 24 hours before kick off

    For certain games if we have loads of tickets left 24 hour befor kickoff would it be a bad business model to offload them cheap ? Airlines, Hotels,Restaurants,Supermarkets,Holliday companies & am sure other sporting bodies also offer discount to get shut if they not selling well Not talking...
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    Leipzig,Southampton & Wycombe

    In less than a week we will have played 3 games at home The attendance against Leipzig was about 45.000 Southamton will be around 50.000 & Wycombe around 30.000 So to get around 125.000 to 130.000 in under a week against not the most attractive oposition is a remarkable achievment which not many...
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    Manchester City Books

    With Mark bringing a great new book to the market,just wondering how many read books written by City fans & which your favourites are I never been to keen on so called " hooligan books" & many written by players are usualy uninspiring as many of the stories are public knowledge There has been...
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    Remember City v Reading 1968 ?

    Reading lower division 3rd round of cup 40.000 plus, Just normal prices , no gimecks, no match day experience, just normal fans watching a normal game Loads of kids from all over Manchester Went to the game for next to nowt My grandkids will probably never ever be able to to go & watch City...
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    Man City Super Store Trophies on Display

    Went down today nice to see the Trophies on display & got some photos with them Disapointed with some of the stock & prices .Some right expensive tack on dislay, but also some decent stuff in the sales Still can't understand why their in no where to get something to eat or drink anywhere No...
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    A Football Fans Story ( The Royal Navy, Manchester City & Me by Don Price

    This was my first book I had published but I never plugged it on here or anywhere else as I strongly disagreed with the £18,90p price the publishers put on it However it can now be bought for £2.99p on kindle So any one not getting pissed !!! on the flight to Porto(I can dream) or anyone...
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    How are you getting to the CL Final?

    Can imagine there will be a few classic itenaries. Safe Journey Blues
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    Aguero Send-off, Fans Meeting 23rd May 2pm. Are you Going?

    Looks like a huge turnout is on the cards
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    Blackpool Blues

    Am visiting Marton Mere for a few days and looking for a decent booze which will show Champions League semi final outside ( I will bring my gloves,hat & coat) Where the local Blues likely to watch the game Thanks in advance
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    Submarine disaster near Bali

    Looks like 55 Submariners lost their lives RIP. In 1971 I was based at HMS Dolphin the submarine base at Gosport near Portsmouth when HMS Artemis sunk in the harbour Luckily all survived God Bless
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    Why not use all the subs?

    Most teams waste time &;piss about when in front & stick subs on just to eat minutes up I must admit it does piss me off but it does slow down &;frustrate the opposition Normally an not arsed but would have been nice to see Tommy Doyle & Agureo come on for a minute or two But Pep knows best &...
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    Geo Kinkladze Documentary

    I have been asked to take part in the documentary which is being organised by City I have met him a few times and always thought he was a great bloke We once went over to Amsterdam to meet him and he was brilliant with all of us Just wondering what the esteemed Bluemooners take on him was
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    Your First Derby Game

    The first one I remember was at the swamp March 1970 How it happened or arranged I ain't a clue but loads of City all turned up at Victoria train station & when the train full of rags from Bury turned up it went mental I was only just turned 16 & thought fn hell Then after it all over we all...
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    Is Prestwich the new "In Place"

    House prices going through the roof .Loads of trendy new bars and restaurants have recently opend.About 4 miles from both Manchester & Bury City centers .Went to a Lebanese restaurant there tonight everywhere was buzzing
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    Fire at Alicante Airport

    Airport evacuated and many flights cancelled and diverted as a fire in the terminal roof took hold .Not yet seen anything on BBC or Sky News .Early reports said no one was injured
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    Don’t Blame Fans For The Empty Seats

    While every set of fans take the mickey when grounds are not full, lets look at the reason why it happens. At the swamp the other night by all accounts there were thousands of unsold Unit*d tickets. Many of those were £50 plus, while its great to take the piss, coming just after Christmas you...
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