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    palace away

    hi, I need 1 ticket for palace. PM please. cheers.
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    6-1 song

    After yesterdays superb showing at the swamp thought I'd share this with you. We went down to Trafford our day in the sun when it it was over their league hopes had gone cos when it was over, all over & done we'd beaten the bastards by 6 goals to 1 The first 2 by Mario, passed into the net...
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    Stoke City youth player held over murder.

    stoke youth held over death of teenage girl at party.
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    Berbaflop "I will never play for city"

    £30.7 m waste of space Berbaflop is looking for an out at OT. But insists he would never play for city. got news for you floppy.... deluded or what?? <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Snowboarding in bulgaria-Question on the plumbing....

    I'm off to bulgaria for a few days boarding. Just wondering if I should pack extra bog roll?? this video had me in tears.
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    rory mcilroy ad

    how the feck does he do that!
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    Lifes too short

    just watched the first episode on iplayer, gonna be a good one. As with the office, cringe inducing watching it, but very clever. the "making of" documentary is very funny.
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    tevez gets time off to see his family

    Dont if this has been posted already, but it appears that bobby has given Tevez time off to go home to see his family..
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    man utd radio

    i,m sat at home listening to man united radio. the volume works ok, the bass is great...... but the treble is fucked :0)
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    manchester brothels

    manchester brothels were today celebrating the signing of a new five year contract with a local business man
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    no charges against riot police

    so, even after being caught on film pushing over an innocent bystander, who died later that day from a heart attack, the police officer involved does not get charged with anything. not enough evidence. spot on! i'm just off down the post office for a spot of robbery. i know they have cctv but...
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    the x factor? i've shitem!

    have a look at this, just brilliant.
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    tiger woods......

    "i'm just off to do nine holes dear"
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    water fight

    I have just been challenged to a water fight by the rag fans down my street. of course I accepted, so i'm just on blue moon passing the time whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.....
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    bobby robson trophy

    from next season, why not make the league cup the bobby robson memorial cup.? instead of having point -less sponsering , low interest(from certain clubs) and just an excuse to give the kids a run-out, make it something worth winning. a cup named after the greatly respected man, & a great way of...
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    peter shirtliff

    announced today- peter shirtliff, the ex sheff weds, charlton, & barnsley player died today aged 46. thats no age to die. r.i.p.
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    anyone onto scooters? i'm just about getting over the i.o.w. heres mine. hence the user name
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    semenya gender test result...

    deffo a bloke bump! told ya! reg & two veg & a kebab ;) norma said so...
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    new seaon

    just a quick message to all on bluemoon- before the the season kicks off. enjoy! its gonna be a memorable season,hang on to your hats!
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    tevez on ...

    tev came on today, blue shirts gonna suit him! he will be mega for us.
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