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    West Ham match postponed - confirmed

    For the record , you’re being a little bit silly
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    West Ham match postponed - confirmed

    You do know they don’t always get it right
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    West Ham match postponed - confirmed

    Marvin, Give it a rest the weather was awful yesterday People’s lives where at risk , sporting and other events cancelled and all your arsed about is 22 over paid blokes kicking a pigs bladder about. Turn it in Ffs
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    West Ham match postponed - confirmed

    Nail on head !!
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    Running thread

    I was on the sick from work , plenty of time on my hands As for the running currently injured again with a bad calf after winning the British masters cross country relays with my club 2 weeks ago. Been a frustrating year
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    Running thread

    Just read the whole of this thread and it’s been good to read how everyone’s progressed and what races they’ve done and advice given. Played football at a good level till I was 36 and then got a place in the London Marathon in 2012 sort of ran it off the back of still playing footy and reading...
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    Rochdale v. Mini-me Rags

    Dial up in it
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    Rochdale v. Mini-me Rags Long time ago now funny at the time got a great photo of it but no idea how to post it anymore
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    Mental Health in Manchester

    Good man , just thought I’d see what I’ve been missing for the last ten years , I shall disappear back to the world of twittoh forthwith
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    Rochdale v. Mini-me Rags

    Aye that was me
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    Mental Health in Manchester

    Done my friend
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Christ , can’t believe this thread is still going and hello to old friends Anyway Puressence
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    The Waldorf Saturday 4th August, a toast at 4pm

    Lightweight :)<br /><br />-- Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:46 pm --<br /><br /> Pleasure to be in your company as always Russ , even if you did try to sneak off home without saying goodby. Thought you were better than that ? ;) x
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    Sue Clark - Bluebird1

    Re: With the saddest of hearts I bring you this sad news Met her for the first time after being introduced to her by Rascal at shambles last month A genuinely nice lady who judging by the comments above was well respected and muched loved. Rip Sleep well
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    Missing mooners

    Re: Missing mooner's Did someone mention me ? I'm good thanks read more than I post because can't be arsed reading through the shite tbh , nice to meet a few new faces last week , Was like old times Rasc talking absolute nonsense after a few cheeky lemonades
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    Scarblu - Colin Martin

    Re: Colin Martin (Scarblu) hi people i dont come on the forum to often anymore ,it lost some of it's magic the Day ,Colin passed I'll never forget the phone call from Rascal telling me the news, A gem of a bloke ! i spoke to Ric earlier this week via Twitter about him and asked him to pass on...
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    Live 4 City programme pull outs wanted

    Check your pm's fells
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    Anybody played pro or semi-pro on here?

    Played at Blackpool for a couple of years at reserve and youth level , played with the likes of James Quinn , John hills , Brian griffiths and Kevin sheedy played against Jamie carragher Tony warner Damian duff mike newell shay given and a few more besides . Went on to play semi pro for a few...
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    So who is the daddy around here nowadays?

    Just missed out again pal there's always the next one ;)
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    So who is the daddy around here nowadays?

    The Earl is alive and well ! , hope all's good Jonno ?
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