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    Real Madrid want Otamendi

    Jorge Mendes in dialogue with Real Madrid for Otamendi
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    City Football Group

    I am amazed at the pace MCFC are growing The last few months has seen us create MCWFC, NYCFC, Melbourne City, Yokohama (assume eventually be Yokohama City) The campus about to open the stadium to be extended Trade deals with Nissan and others. The winning of the 2nd Premiership Title in 3 years...
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    Rags kit deal

    Have Rags unwittingly played an ace for City with this Kit deal with Adidas. If previous record £31m for Real why the need to move it 2.5 times? Surely £35m to £40m would be realistic. So we must now have serious grounds to challenge the UEFA fine for breaching FFP. Thanks Rags you could have...
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    3 Games in One Day

    I once attended three matches in a single day back in the late 1950's or 1960's. The first match was a morning KO at Preston North End v MCFC. The 2nd and 3rd games were at Burnden Park and Old Trafford not necessarily in that order! I would like help from anybody who knows what the actual date...
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    Where is Jovetic?

    Do we know why he's not featuring?
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    Baines & Benteke

    Both proven in Premier League......................what are we waiting for?
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    Unfinished Business

    Pleased to see Txicki is staying home from the club tour to deal with 'transfers' .....................thankfully this means we haven't finished yet!
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    Blue Moon Rising!

    If you've not already seen it, it's well worth a visit to the airport............... Blue Moon Rising the MCFC Etihad plane is flying in empty to pick the team up & all the training gear and fly them to the South Africa training camp!
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    MUEN at it again

    MUEN carrying article by Mike Keegan wit headline stating Rags shirts worn by builders at the Etihad Campus are banned by building company! When you read the full article it states ALL football shirts are banned not just Rags but of course that headline would not carry the same impact.
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    Disgraceful Journalism again by MUEN

    Pellegrini bad news for City's English players! He's not even here yet let alone left English players out of his team. No author to the MUEN article but it is virtually word for word to that of Joe Bernstein in todys Fail on Sunday. How low can this so called newspaper stoop.
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    A Double Anyone?

    Has anybody seen any suggestion in the media that our beloved MCFC could be on for 'The Double'?
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    Where is it going wrong?

    EDS Team struggling Youth Team dumped out of the FA Youth Cup We seem to be going backwards Only a couple of seasons ago teams good not get near to our youth team so what's gone wrong? Who is coming through?
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    WHY.........So much negativity!

    There is so much negativity on this forum............WHY! Would all these negative posters like to return to pre 2008? I don't think so! So pack it in and KEEP THE FAITH & show this by STOPPING MOANING! There is no way we can win every game accept this and on to the next match & stop being doom...
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    Who is the muck spreader!

    Roberto touched on it very briefly in his pre match conference today and Joe Royle made similar remarks during his time with us..................that somebody at the club or very close to the club is the source of the so called 'leaks' of private information. However today Roberto said we know...
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    MANC Magazine

    Apologies if I've missed the announcement but I am advised by Opublishing that the MANC monthly magazine is no longer being published! Can anybody shed light on why?
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    Defensive Coach & Tinker Man

    Our brilliant defense of last season is now being breached! What does that tell us about the 'new' Italian defensive coach appointed in the summer? Why does Mancini constantly 'tinker' with team selection for big games? He did it last season resting Hart for FA Cup against United and left out...
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    Rodney Marsh Tweet

    Why has the thread been locked on the Transfer Forum 'RM's tweet about £100m deal'?
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    Champions League Draw

    Can somebody please explain the CL draw. I follow the rules that say you can't draw a team from your own pot or your own country in the group stage but what's all this about red & blue? Is it another form of seeding? When Borussia came out they said only possibility was was group D but United's...
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    Too much hysteria!

    Imploding, meltdown, chaos, crisis, turmoil, no team spirit etc etc.............the headlines we wake up to after Bayern Munich. For goodness sake we have lost ONE match 2-0 and the media is devouring us like jackals. Their prayers have been answered because MCFC deflected all the headlines...
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    Sergio Aguero (continued)

    Surely anything of a serious nature would have leaked out somewhere by now and been major headlines so let's just stay calm and resist the verbal abuse of's undeserved!
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