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  1. J

    Who are the 60m Academy players we've sold?

    I presume the Sancho fee is part of it. Harrison 15m. Who else?
  2. J

    Top 10 players of the Mansour era

    List your top 10 players of the Mansour era in terms of greatness and contribution to the success of the club: 1- Kompany 2- Silva 3- Aguero 4- Yaya 5- De Bruyne 6- Fernandinho 7- Sterling 8- Zabaleta 9- Tevez 10- Laporte Special mentions to Barry, De Jong, Lescott, Milner, Hart, Ederson...
  3. J

    Crippled By Control

    It's not often I wake up still fuming about a football performance these days but last night has really irked me. I know some won't like this because we're seen as babies spitting dummies out etc, feel free to scroll past. But there was something very different about last night. No energy, no...
  4. J

    Would you rather

    have a beer with a Tory City fan or Labour United fan? Bishop's Blaze here I come.
  5. J

    Best City Cameos

    Which players spring to mind when you think of best cameos for City? Either they were good for a short spell then went to shit or were good and left within a year. David Rocastle: Barely had his feet in the door and he was off. I was gutted! Spencer prior: Leftfield choice here but he was...
  6. J

    Cooking Thread - paella Valenciana

    I made a paella yesterday and took some photos to share on here. Disclaimer: I'm not Spanish and therefore this is my own tried and tested way of making it that works for me. I've probably made 200 + of them and it took me a long time to settle on this method. If any Spaniards read this or...
  7. J

    Christmas 2019

    Yes, I know - "It's not even fucking December yet". But did you know the song Jingle Bells has nothing to do with Christmas?!
  8. J

    Most pointless five word sentences

    I’ll start: Man City have a corner.
  9. J

    PGA Championship

    We’re in the midst of something very special with Koepka. Has barely won on tour except for three majors and looks like he might add another one this week. Four majors at his age against so many brilliant players is astonishing. Given his mental strength and his ability he looks the most likely...
  10. J

    Players Premier League Season Ratings

    Ederson 9 Walker 7.5 Delph 5 Zinchenko 8 Mendy 6 Danilo 7 Laporte 9.5 Stones 8 Kompany 9 Otamendi 7.5 Fernandinho 9 KDB 7.5 Gundogan 8.5 Foden 7.5 Silva 8 Silva B 9.5 Sterling 9.5 Sane 8 Mahrez 7.5 Aguero 9.5 - my poty Jesus 7.5
  11. J

    Next season it’s time to admit

    That the quadruple isn’t going to happen and play reserves and youth players in the two domestic cups. It’s been a heck of a ride and something the club can be extremely proud of. But we cannot put ourselves in a position again where we play a full strength team in the FA Cup one day and have...
  12. J

    The Masters

    One of the best sporting events of the year. Who you got? It's shaping up to be a belter and Rory is a worthy favourite. PP are paying ten places ew so I've done Wallace and Cabrera Bello at 100's, Xander at 35's and a couple of quid on Casey and Koepka to win based on old habits dying hard...
  13. J

    Autistic child kept in an isolation room for a month

    At a school in Kent whilst receiving no direct teaching and being unable to leave the room. Alarm bells were only raised after the child attempted suicide in the room. Every now and then I read a story that makes my blood boil. As a father of a boy on the spectrum this disgusts me. Give me 5...
  14. J

    Dale Winton RIP

    Only 62!
  15. J

    Preparations for next season

    Our record the season after a major summer tournament has been poor in the past decade. This won't be popular, especially with those on the 100 goals/points bet, but in my opinion we should give some players a break before the season is finished. Kompany, Aguero, Fernandinho, Silva, De Bruyne...
  16. J

    Cook resigns as England skipper.

    Strange feeling to this one. Two years ago I'd have been happy but I think he's got better and also it still might be a bit early to throw Root into the job given that his batting has fallen a bit behind the rest of the world's top players (in terms of conversions anyway). Maybe captaincy will...
  17. J

    Fires in Javea, Spain

    Really tough couple of days in Javea, Spain. It would appear, although not concrete at the moment despite two 15 year olds being arrested, that a team of arsonists have set, and continue to set fires in the Javea woodlands. It's about an hour south of Valencia and half an hour north of Benidorm...
  18. J

    I have Insufficient privileges

    To post in the Aguero is banned thread. What the hell does that mean?
  19. J

    2004-2006 Music

    What a great period for music this was, nothing has come close since. There are tons and tons more, some that haven't aged quite so well but there are any number of cracking albums from those few years. The Killers - Mr Brightside Keane - Hopes and Fears Kings Of Leaon - Knocked Up - One...
  20. J

    Is this our longest ever stint

    In the top flight? Seems like our yo yo years are a thing of the past ;)
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