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    Is this the strongest Premier League of all time? Look at the list of teams, Leeds with Bielsa and talents like Raphinha, Phillips and Llorente are languishing 4th from bottom. Nearly every team in the league has some top, top talent and are trying to push on. Palace...
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    Who is the best of the 'middle pack' teams?

    Well? I was tempted to include Brighton, Palace and Brentford too as they have all look great at times this year, the league is super competitive. But I'll stick with these 8 for now. I think West Ham as a team are probably the strongest of the 8 currently, with Leicester on paper having the...
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    Best selection of English strikers since??

    It seems that all of the sudden, the past two years.. there's been a massive influx of good English strikers. Probably the best talent pool of them since Shearer, Cole, Owen, Fowler, Heskey, Phillips, Smith and Sherringham. We have.. Kane, Watkins, Toney, Bamford, Rashford, Greenwood, Antonio...
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    What team should we play in the next 3 away games?

    Perks of having a great squad. EPL 25-09-21 Chelsea vs Manchester City UCL 28-09-21 Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City EPL 03-10-21 Liverpool vs Manchester City Probably playing 3 of the 5 best teams in the world (other two being us and Bayern) in the space of 8 days, all away from...
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    If Celtic and Rangers are so big.. how come they only have 1M and 500k instagram followers?

    Well? Rangers have less following than some Championship teams.... In fact, both old firm teams perform poorly on every social media site.
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    Successful 100m+ signings?

    Are there any? (SO FAR) Neymar - £200M.. played about 50% of total games since he joined, DUD Coutinho - £140 M ... DUD Hazard - £130 M ... DUD Dembele £121 M ... DUD Griezman - £107 M ... DUD Joao Felix - £105 M ... DUD Mbappe might be the only 'successful' one, but he's gonna be leaving on a...
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    Relative strength of Real Madrid and Barcelona

    How crap are they both now? For the first time in forever, all four English teams in the Champions League are favoured over both Real Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona are up to 25/1 to win the CL this year! Crazy what a few years of...
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    PSG vs Man City Wealth + Strategies

    The two richest clubs in world football Which strategy do you prefer? Buying world renown players for huge transfer fees and/or wages (PSG) or buying very good players on the rise to fit a system (Man City), with a world class manager. Since Man City got their tremendous wealth, we didn't...
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    Is Neymar really all that valuable?

    He's been at PSG for four seasons and only managed to play 70 league games! As a comparison, Mo Salah joined Liverpool the same season and has 145 league games for them. Sticking with the comparison, Neymar has 116 total games for them with 87 goals, and in a much stronger league Salah has 203...
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    Who is a 'bigger' club, Ajax or Arsenal?

    Seeing as Arsenal basically nicked their kit this season, and the whole 'Super League' nonsense. I was wondering, who do people consider to be the bigger club between the two teams in 2021? Ajax Champions League - 4 Europa League - 1 Eredivise - 27 KNVB Cup - 20 Stadium Capacity - 55,500...
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    PSG Thread - 2021/22

    PSG flexing their wealth again. Seems to be putting together a side which is favourites to win the CL now. Added Donarumma, Hakimi, Ramos, Wijnaldum and looking at Pogba, Camavinga too.
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    How many Premier League teams play 'good, attacking' football?

    Many a time flicking through games of other teams over the years, it's been absolute dross hoofball. I enjoyed Swansea's time as a neutral in the top league for example, as they tried something different. Even teams like Manure with a massive budget serve up rubbish. I think currently only...
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    How are Dortmund so good at securing young talent compared to the rest of the world?

    What's the reasoning for their success? why can't more teams copy them? Recently they've had Bellingham Moukoko Reyna Haaland Sancho Pulisic Dembele That is footmall manager worthy
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    Are Villa a top 4 threat if they keep Grealish?

    Grealish is immense, they've got in Watkins one of the best young strikers in the league, great on and off the ball and now they've signed another top top player in Buendia who I rate as being Mason Mount level. They've also got the best goalie in the league! What do you think?
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    Best clubs in England in the Transfer Market?

    I think two stand out for me in recent years, Leicester (signing Vardy, Kante, Mahrez, Maddison, Ndidi, Tielemans, Fofana ), and Brentford (Watkins, Maupay, Benrama, Konsa, Mbeuno, Toney). Will be interesting to see what Brentford can do with Premier League money and status. Southampton had...
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    Who is the best of the rest?

    Lets make a massive assumption that City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manure, Spurs and Arsenal are the 'top 6' or 'big 6' still. Who is the 7th best team right now? Wolves, Everton, Leicester... Leeds?? I think it's super close between the first three now.
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    Will next seasons Premier League be the best ever?

    Liverpool - Great team, shouldn't be much weaker City - We'll strengthen again all over and be stronger. Chelsea - Signed Ziyech, Werner and about to sign Havertz, should be a lot stronger. Manure - Look a lot stronger since restart, Bruno is very good, Greenwood developing, might sign Sancho...
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    James Maddison or Jack Grealish? Who is the better young English talent?

    Well? I think they are nearly identical.
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    What's happened to our possession style?

    Seems like we don't dominate the ball as much anymore... Stats back it up. 2017/2018 we had 66.4% average possession for the year, 743 average passes per game 2018/2019 we had 64% average possession for the year, 699 averages passes per game 2019/2020 so far 60.9% average possession for the...
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    The change in style of English football teams. From hoofball to football on the deck.

    Remember the days of hoof ball? They are becoming a thing of the fast due to the influx in foreign managers on these shores. The likes of Guardiola, Klopp, Sarri and Bielsa are changing the way English teams are playing football. In the Premier League this year, 14 teams (!) have averaged over...
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