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    Samir Nasri

    27 goals 40 assists in 176 games, not to shabby at all. Scored the winner v chelsea that set us up to win the league and the opening goal v whu in the final game of the season to win the title, and as mentioned the worldy v sunderland. Thought he was an excellent player who could have been...
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    Best speech in a film

    Was going to post the same, great scene, great acting & a great movie
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    Misplaced Mancunia (music thread)

    Massively overlooked produced some blinding records over the years rochdale duo autechre
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    Misplaced Mancunia (music thread)

    Another newish band and blues if i remember, saw them just before lockdown at the deaf institute
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    Misplaced Mancunia (music thread)

    Not really misplaced as a newish band. On at the bread shed this thursday
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    How did you download your daughters, mine and my lads are showing on my app, i have downloaded mine to the wallet but cant download my lads. It is on my email with mine, but he doesnt have an account or the app or google pay or a bank card
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22

    On the app under seasoncards its showing mine and my lads, then above asking relocate or add to wallet. When add to wallet is selected nothing hapoens. Any ideas please
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    Leicester (N) - Community Shield | Pre-Match Thread

    Can anyone confirm the entrance requirements for U16's all i can find is must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Doesnt mention LFT to enter
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    Leicester (N) - Community Shield | Pre-Match Thread

    Me & lad going, staying in south Ruislip. Tenner in a taxi to wembley. Driving down as away to devon the day after.
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    Digital Tickets

    So just for clarification, will i get sent both my sons digital ticket and my own to my phone or is it one ticket per phone?? Cheers
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    Chelsea (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Strongest team possible, get the title in the bag. 3 games to rotate then and keep everyone sharp.
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    Last Film You Saw

    Watched cherry yesterday and couldnt agree more with your critique. There is a decent story in the making, the mood of the film was spot on and the subject matter also interesting, but average acting esp. By the female lead and the rehabilitation process just unbeliveable. Still enjoyed the film...
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    Adidas trainers

    The new order wilsy spzl are banging in my opinion. Probably not worth the £130 but I'm glad i went for them. Waiting for the new releases trimm starr (5 pair) as im collecting them at the mo. Agrees with most re:koln lovely trainner, not as nice as the '17 release but still quality.
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    Are United Still Our 'Main' Rivals?

    Never forget the clock banner they had at the swamp. When we was at our lowest ebb and they was regarded as the best team on the plant. They continued unmercifully and relentlessly to take the piss out of our great club. Just because they are no great threat at the moment doesn't detract from...
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    North Wales - help - pubs to watch City

    Sorry, the following wed for the semi final, presuming we beat lyon. Cheers
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    North Wales - help - pubs to watch City

    Without hijacking the op, i will be in llandudno on Wednesday night anyone who knows this area and knows of bars showing the footie would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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    Going to Bilbao in August

    Cancelled this years. Theres loads of decent accommodation pretty cheap
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    Going to Bilbao in August

    I've already moved them once from a may flight to dubrovnik. I was just thinking if it was going to be a load of messing I'd forfeit the flight and go in the uk instead.
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    Going to Bilbao in August

    Thanks for the responses, im a well seasoned traveller, usually 7/8 trips a year, just wasn't sure i could be arsed with any hassle. I'm going to go, i believe its a great city so why not. Thanks
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