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    Ederson signs new contract until 2026

    2026 - Get in!
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    Cristiano Ronaldo "He now looks more likely to remain on the books of the Bianconeri than to leave them. But Calciomercato says he could join Manchester City, making Pep Guardiola’s club a surprise...
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    International Break ... is now over!

    Couldn't find a thread - Does anyone know what the status is with the upcoming international break and the club's stance regarding letting players go and play for their national teams? It's unbelievable that they have decided to play national games this time of the year considering the pandemic...
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    Jesper Tolinsson

    Very promising CB from IFK Gothenburg joining CFG and Lommel SK - 5 year contract - Seen him in action a couple of times and is a very interesting prospect, extremely mature for his age. Source: (Google Translate from...
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    Next Decade

    We have without doubt been the dominant force in English football this decade and it indeed feels like it’s coming a little bit to an end with Yaya, Kompany and soon Silva, Aguero and Fernandinho gone. It also feels like we are a little bit lost at the moment. To have one transitional year...
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    How much can we spend?

    Considering we didn't get a transfer ban, how much will we be able to spend the upcoming two windows you think?
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    Maybe a little bit naive, but is there a way of giving a tip-off to City to consider watching a player? Who to contact?
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    Physio Lee Nobes

    Heading to dippers: Haven't we lost quite a few backroom members (scouts most notably) to Liverpool in recent years? Should we be worried?
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    Sterling Injured? "Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling has withdrawn from the England squad for the matches against Spain and Switzerland due to a back problem, the Football Association has...
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    The brass band

    Seriously, what the hell was that? Even more cringey than the Etisalat ad.
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    Will we have learnt from the previous mistakes?

    Assuming that we will win the PL title, do you think we will have learnt from the previous mistakes in order to mount a proper title defence for the first time? After the 2012 win, many supported Mancini's stance that we should have strengthened the squad with VVD, DDR, Hazard etc and we ended...
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    The FA Cup (4th Rd ) - Cardiff (A)

    Seeing the tough schedule and dirty opponents taking their toll on our players, should we down-prioritise the FA Cup totally, considering we still have a good chance at a domestic double and maybe even a better shout than ever at the CL title? Wouldn’t mind seeing a total 2nd string formation...
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    Special League Table

    Can someone post that special league table showing each of the points and which teams that have them? The gap looks amazing in that one. Sorry for the bad description, hopefully someone knows what I’m requesting :D
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    A new 'Big 3' coming up in Europe?

    Is a new 'Big 3' in European competitions about to come to fruition? Can see both us and PSG surpassing Barca and BM within a couple of years. Star players getting old in both BM and Barca and our financial muscles could change the landscape to maybe RM, us and PSG in contention for the big...
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    Neymar Transfer and its Effects on us

    Mods, feel free to delete if you don't feel it belongs to the main forum. Can't help to think about the Neymar transfer and worry a little bit as it completely destroys anything that has been made before when it comes to transfers. What do you think will be the effects in the future, is it good...
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    Noticing that Liverpool are using backheels a lot in the final third and it feels like it gets dangerous quite often. Is the use of backheels underrated, as it's a quick way of passing the ball 'forward' and takes less time than turning around and then place the pass? Why don't teams use this...
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    Will we learn from the mistakes?

    Apart from the League Cup title this season has been a shambles in many ways. It's still not that much time that has passed since the takeover and if we consider us still being work in progress (with a lot of success on the way), do you think our owners will learn from the obvious mistakes that...
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    Robert Huth

    Came to think of it yesterday. Hasn't Robert Huth always been extremely underrated and always gone below everyone's radar? Good in Chelsea, Stoke, Boro and now amazing in Leicester. Why wasn't he never an option for bigger clubs?
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    Is this the turning point?

    Can't help but feeling that tonight was a possible 'turning point'. Although the table situation is hardly a disaster, the last couple of weeks have been tough and we haven't played well. A loss (or even draw) tonight could've been devastating and after that first half, things were not looking...
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    Is something wrong?

    Can't help but to think that something was seriously wrong today. I had exactly the same feeling as when we played the FA Cup Final last year which ultimately led to Mancini's departure. Could there be bad things going on behind the scenes? FFPR, the homegrown quota problem, etc? Has been a lot...
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