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    Anyone on here able to fix a toilet?

    Obviously I will pay you lol Cistern not filling after flushing?? Any plumbers on here close to Whitefield?? Cheers
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    I need a joiner folks

    Any joiners on here? I'm in Whitefield and need some work doing! I did use a lad on here a few years back (bluemoonrisen i think?) but not sure if he is still on here? Thank you ya lovely people x
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    2 Signed Framed City Shirts (Charity Auction)

    As the title says, I have 2 signed and framed City tops! They are from the late 90's (Stephen Ireland era lol) Also the money will be going to a very worthwhile charity coming up! It's for Syrian Refugees called PeopleOverBorders Big charity day/night coming up at the Deaf Institute on the...
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    2 Signed Framed City Shirts for sale!

    As the title says, I have 2 signed and framed City tops! They are from the late 90's (Stephen Ireland era lol) I don't know how to put a picture on here?? And advice? Also the money will be going to a very worthwhile charity coming up! It's for Syrian Refugees called PeopleOverBorders Big...
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    Any joiners on here??

    Need a joiner for some work on my house! I did use one called Bluemoonrisen a while back...think he was called Tony?? Anyone know him?? Any help blues would be much appreciated! Ps not been on for a while...have I missed anything good? : )
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    City shirts charity??

    Does anybody on here know of any City related charities who would take loads of old (used) City tops off my hands?! This isn't an offer for someone to make a few quid on ebay, I could easily do thay myself lol Any help would be appriciated blues : ) Gaz
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    Anybody use any local good auctions?

    As the title says.. I'm looking for some new general aucions in and around the Manchester area? This could include any in the Lancs area also ie Blackburn, Preston etc I've done a few locally, but need somewhere else now! Not car or house auctions by the way.. General auctions such as jewellery...
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    FREE Tickets (2) For The Ballet Tonight!

    Mrs got 2 tickets for her and her sister, but can't go now! Yes, I know it's the ballet....and you personally couldn't pay me to go lol But it does seem a shame to waste 2 tickets!! Only problem is it is tonight!!!!! Show starts at 730pm at the Palace Theatre and its called 'Le Corsaire' Which...
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    Parking Charge Notice!

    Recieved one of these a couple of days ago, and just wanted some advice.. Bascally, went to to do a bit of Xmas shopping (**/12/13) and parked in a car park!! So, they (Civil Enforcement Ltd) sent me the notice stating I parked from **:28 till **:47.. They now want me to pay them £100...or a...
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    Just been having a tidy-up and found my old Subbuteo collection.. Ah the memories!!! Have no need for it now, and although it will break my heart, i'm gonna have to sell it!! Was probably going to stick it on eBay, but thought i'd ask on here 1st (if the mods don't mind that is lol??) Its the...
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    Any telephone engineer's on here?

    Got a fault on my line, pm me please! Ta
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    Any printers on here??

    Just need some advice re: doing some flyers for a new business etc Basically need to know costs etc Pm me if anybody can help? Ta
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    Sky question??

    My question is thus.. If I call Sky, to cancel my deal...are they likely to offer me a better deal? Basically, I have spoken to them a few times this month, due to a fault with our sky! Now, everytime I call them, the offer changes every single time! Got to the stage now where I feel really...
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    Samsung smart tv advice

    Looking to buy a 32" led tv for the kids playroom, and Ive seen one in Costco I fancy. Basically, the spec is as follows: Television Brand: Samsung Model Number: UE32EH5300 LED/LCD/Plasma: LED Screen Size: 32" Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Frame rate: 100Hz 3D Ready: No Smart TV: Yes Internet...
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    Miso soup

    Anyone else use this stuff? It's supposed to be very good for your imune system, aswell as lots of other health beneifts! I use it all the time, tend to add some to water and add loads of herbs, chilli, tuna, veg etc Love it!
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    How to post a pic on here?

    Using my Iphone? Ta
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    Short break ideas?

    Ok, so looking to get a few nights away in Sep and wanted to know if anyone had any good ideas? Needs to be reasonable local, max 2-3 hours drive! Done the lake disctrict a few times now (and loved it)..just fancied something different! Oh and its got to be top end accommodation (ie log cabins...
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    Do I need to tell my car insurance?

    Basically, got my renewal from Admiral for my car insurance and it was shit! So, I went online and online and saved shit loads : ) I just wanted to know if I need to tell Admiral of this fact? Done this loads of times before, but my brains not working today!!!
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    Amish;a secret life

    Anybody else watching it? Fascinating stuff!!!! BBC 2 now
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    Out of the blues fanzine 1968/69

    Managed to obtain around 10 of these fanzines (which I had never even heard of!) Was wondering if Gary James could tell me if anybody (maybe himself?) or a museum would be interested in taking them off me (no charge!!).. Just seems a waste to bin them, found them a interesting read!! Many thanks!
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