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    You want me to kill him on Netflix

    Now that is some crazy shit. The actually stabbing happened in Altrincham as well. I'm not surprised it was made into a film you couldn't make it up, the actual story is more interesting than the film probably more suited to a documentary.
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    Which Design shall we fix?

    Just a follow up from my last question, I need a little more help with this poll please. Some of the suggestions I got back would not have been suitable on this instance as I have to make a prototype of my solution, these ones I believe will be doable on that front. Your help is greatly...
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    Help with Design Thinking

    I'm currently studying a Design Thinking course and I need to do some research on a social media platform, problem is I don't really use any other than this forum so my question is in any of your daily life's is there any problems you come across, these could be problems with designed objects...
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    Slave trade.

    Came across this peice in the guardian very sad but also interesting read. Crazy how just not so long ago a whole race were treating so appalling. Also an important part of the article points out that the debt we got in to compansate people who used slaves when it was abolished, has literally...
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    Outdoor swimming

    Today I went to carrs park in Wilmslow with the children they had a great time splashing about in the River Bollin, it was completely safe as it was about half a metre deep at the most. I plan to go back tomorrow unless anyone else has any other places similar that are child friendly locally to...
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    I have searched for related threads but couldn't find one so here goes. I have always struggled with substance misuse, over the past couple of years cocaine has become a serious issue for me. I'm not going to go in too much detail about my problems but know I have been given the opportunity to...
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    Driving crash courses

    Does anyone have any experience passing this way, I've had quite a few lesson a few years back I'm a confident enough driver. Hoping someone might have some idea of the best way to get me passed in the next month. Thanks in advance.
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    Helping the victims of the MEN bombing

    This horrible act of cowardice has obviously affected us all massively, my partner was there that night she luckily escaped unharmed but we feel at odds of what we can do to help these poor victims and family's. Its probably a bit soon as we're still waiting for full details to emerge but I...
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    Oh no!

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ...</a>
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    Pitch invasion

    Are we the champions of the pitch invasion or is it small time? Or should we have respected the fans that didn't want it to happen or the players who didn't want to leave the pitch. In my opinion it made it a Manchester City title win and topped it off nicely, I hope were still doing it on title...
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