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    Maradona Gets Drunk and Calls Aguero a "Motherf*&%er"

    Best player ever.Carried Napoli,carried Argentina but he does come across as a bit of prick.His grandson will be so proud to hear what he thinks of his dad.
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    I was annoyed when Dzeko equalised.

    When we were 2-1 down girlfriend said I was sinking further into settee as if trying to hide, then Edin scored and I was on my hands and knees in front of TV. When Sergio scored I booted dining room door open and just legged it round house, remember thinking ill fix door tomorrow(ODD),then I...
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    Popularity Contest

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    Edin Dzeko (contract update page 370)

    Re: Edin Dzeko I've had £5e.w.on Edin,top 4 quarter odds,gotta score 3 against Iran and Nigeria,then quite easy 2nd round game
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    Who Was Your First Ever

    Dennis Tueart.I cried when he went to America.
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    Manuel Pellegrini

    Filling up when the lads gave Pellers the bumps,showed just what they think of him
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    Martin Tyler

    European nights are worse. Chelsea,rags and arse are all wanked over,whereas were treated like the foreign team.
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    Sky pandering to us

    Sky sports 2 at 11.30,noel and manford pick their 1 to 11
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    LEAGUE CUP WINNERS 2013/2014!! Post Final Thread

    Just read through match thread and it has occurred to me that there are some right twats who support City.Pellers out,what the fuk is that about?
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    Sunday Supplement

    Re: Sunday Supplement Not watched it much in past,now i know why,custis is a proper twat.Shouting loudest makes him right.Winter at least seems to know what he's talking about.
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    Spurs Vs City Post match thread.

    Awesome, fuck the red twats. Nice to see Negredo on pitch at end hugging Jovetic, proper team player.
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    balotelli or negredo?

    Funny how we won our last six to win League when "super" Mario didn't start.Negredo all day long.
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    joe hart

    On an earlier corner Fernandinho stood between Joe and Gunnarsson and he punched the ball away easily.Where was this protection when Fernandinho went off. I know Joe should have done better and I love Zabba but is he beyond criticism because he should have done better defensively for there last...
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    blue cards?

    I received same e mail.I must say they were a bit quicker taking £100 off me for the four I bought though.
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    Zabbas 4yr deal

    Brilliant news and even better timing.
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    Im not surprised hes been SOLID for years married to her.
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    Serial Killer at large in Manchester?

    I know I shouldn't laugh but that made me piss.
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    Is that the only word you can spell?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Rags at work getting giddy today about getting Ronaldo AND Fabregas,reminded them about when they were singing Mourinho songs when twatty retired and I kept telling them they were getting Moyes.They stopped being giddy.
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    Iconic Images

    Does this explain why the woman beater hates City.
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