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    Relegation overhaul.

    Just some random thoughts on relegation, following an early start on the red wine. Given all thats been going on recently, with the super league and with the after effects of the pandemic on finances, is it time to radically overhaul promotion and relegation? Instead of 3 up and 3 down, what...
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    Cup Replays

    The FA have announced no FA cup ties will go to a replay whilst the EFL have announced the League Cup semi-final will be a single game knockout, at the home of the team drawn first? It’s all announced as a one off to cope with fixture congestion next season but I doubt it’ll go back to, how it...
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    EFL Finals

    Just in case anyone’s missing it, 3 very good Wembley days out being shown this weekend. City v Sunderland on Sky today at 4. City v Liverpool at 4 tomorrow and City v Arsenal at 4 on Sunday.
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    City influence on Yokohama

    I see Yokohama have been learning from City, in regards to penalties. Their cup final finished 3-3 and they were then taken to a penalty shoot out. After the first 4 were scored the City influence then took over as NINE successive penalties were missed.....
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    New Laws

    FIFA have ratified some new laws for next season. 1. Any handball leading to a goal will mean that the goal will be disallowed. 2. Attacking team players will not be allowed within 1 metre of any defensive wall, presumably to reduce pushing and shoving as well as removing the professional...
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    Yaya Toure (contract at Olympiakos terminated P18)

    According to his agent, he’s having a medical in London prior to signing for his next club. Any ideas who it’ll be? It’s assumed it’s West Ham but I’m going for a long shot and saying Fulham. Following his ‘Peps a racist’ rant over the summer, will he get a good welcome from the crowd?
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    Fixture changes notification petition

    There is a campaign by the Football Supporters Federation to force sky, bt and the premier league to stick to their own rules regarding giving adequate notice of fixture changes for TV games. This petition calls for broadcasters of Premier League football in England (Sky Sports and BT Sport) to...
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    Puma - £650M shirt deal confirmed

    According to the Mail, City are about to sign a £50M a season shirt deal with Puma, once the current Nike deal runs out at the end of the season. Happy days and a sign of great things to come.
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    50th anniversary season

    Been reading about the 67/68 league winning season and the differences and similarities between then and now. One obvious difference is that we only signed two players that season, one being a new keeper in Ken Mulhearn and one being a forward in Francis Lee. Ken signed in September and, after...
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    Jamie Tregaskiss:Man City's extraordinary amputee footballer

    Saw this online in the Irish News (link at bottom of story) and realised that, despite some of the disagreements seen on here, many of us have more reasons to be thankful than not. It puts a few things into perspective. What a man. When Jamie Tregaskiss was 10 years old, he was scouted by...
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    Relegated after winning the title

    Although I was aware of the unique feat of being relegated the season after winning the league, whilst being the top scorers in the division, this article sort of sums up being a City fan...
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    Top 4 guaranteed CL place from 2018

    According to Gabrielle Marcotti, the 4th place teams in Spain, Germany, England and Italy (as the top 4 ranked countries) will not have to play a qualifier from 2018 and will automatically go into the CL groups. It means the top 4 will have at least half of the teams in the group stages...
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    More French Terror

    Being reported that 2 people took hostages in a small French church, then slit the throat of the priest who was giving mass. Both of the shouting 'Daesh' on entering the church suggests they are ISIS inspired, if not ISIS directed. Both of them are dead. Troubled times ahead.
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    Beckham's 25 years of sky sports.

    Just flicked through this. He's done his top 10 moments from last 25 years. Top 3 3. Giggs goal v Arsenal 2. Hatton winning world title (wearing City colours) 1. Aguero title winning goal. Say what you like about him but there's an awful lot if ex rags who wouldn't have even mentioned it, let...
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    Kicking the ball out for injured players

    I have always believed that play shouldn't routinely be stopped by either team for an injury the referee has deemed none serious. He does this by not stopping play. In the FIFA laws of the game, there is a section called "interpretation of the laws of the game and Guidelines for Referees". This...
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