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    Soccer Aid charity game at The Etihad

    Sounded Scottish to me but I did only hear it briefly. Funny though
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    Soccer Aid charity game at The Etihad

    My misses is fuming with spitty taking it to serious pulling/fouling the celebs called him a prick. She has little knowledge of him or football. Guess some things are just to obvious
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    Alcohol, hints, tips, advice etc.

    I've battled my addictions throughout my whole adult life, I alienated myself with a lot my friends because of my behaviour as my addiction progressed. Friends of 25years, I'm 32 as sad as it was only then was I able to stop, also with help of narcotics anonymous and such. The friends that I...
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    Champions League Final | Photos - Porto & Home

    Reads like a Shakespeare play...
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    Champions League Final | Photos - Porto & Home

    Have thou got a link please I can’t find it.
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    Show of support planned before PSG and Chelsea games

    That’s a fucking joke. What’s the point in reporting it when you know nothing.
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    United thread 2020/21

    Anyone checked on super fan tate
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    ‘’Football is dead’’

    Anyone checked on super fan tate
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    Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread

    Anyone checked on Super fan tate.....
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    6.45 Chelmsford

    Van dijk was also running same race cam 2nd de Bruyne 8th......
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    Premier League Games 9/10/11/12 April

    Surely them sponsors boards are not hugo boss considering they used design and manufacture SS uniforms
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    Hash browns

    They go on a chicken burger. I thought this was why they sold them.
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    The FTSE

    Found the crypto thread think I will find the info I need in there. Thanks
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    The FTSE

    The things I’m struggling with is which way to buy, seems a bit of a minefield excuse the pun! Anyone have any experience?
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    The FTSE

    Sorry yes the word invest was probably not the best to use, I will admit I have had gambling issues, I don’t anymore as I’ve barred myself from all the sites which I used to used I’ve made it very difficult for me to gamble nowadays. So maybe this is my way of doing it, I’ve done quite a bit of...
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    The FTSE

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    The FTSE

    I’ve decided I’m going to take the risk and invest in some crypto currency’s I’m thinking ripple, ethereum and litecoin. I’ve been practising on etoro, does anyone have any advice of which platform to invest through, are you allowed to buy from etoro when you are in the uk.
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    The FTSE

    Thanks, yes that all makes sense to me, I had a similar thought process but I was thinking rolls Royce might shoot up a little sooner but I understand your logic. It’s difficult but I’m prepared to sit on my shares for a while if I have to.
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    The FTSE

    Thanks I have also looked into this, and it’s defiantly another option on the table. RR are the one I’m most interested in being honest, I am taking a risk though tbf with my limited knowledge.
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    The FTSE

    I’ve received some compensation and I’ve been practising on etoro. I’m thinking of buying a couple of thousand pounds worth of stock spread across 2/3 of these company’s. Any advice would be appreciated. I have read that carnival is overvalued but I have very little knowledge really except a...
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