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    Support workers/carers travel time

    The company I work for have decided we weren't entitled to travel time a couple of months ago and I'm currently working 11 hours s and only getting paid for 8 or less. FThis can't be legal to do, since the national minimum wage has increased I'm now worse off Anyone else a carer or know a carer...
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    Gav the rock

    Welshman beating the piss out of a Mancunian on the tele
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    Ass kicking's

    night before last my ex's step father came down my house for a fight after trying to push me down the stairs in his house. now i have a unwell mother and a unwell grand mother living in my house, also i start a new job next week. how can i kick this guys ass without totally ruining my life...
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    sales representatives

    as of july the 1st im joining you. would appreciate any advice from the experienced heads of the sales game. this is a big opportunity for me to earn some decent dollar so i've got a few nerves i'll be representing a litho print company btw
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    some reassurance

    going to pick up a young lady shortly(7/10) and it's on like donkey kong. only problem is i've not long split up with my ex and am having these nagging feelings of guilt. some positive lad like words of encouragement would be lovely at this time
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    can anyone point me in the direction of a working torrent site fellas? :)
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    Rome holiday

    any tips from the culture vultures? things i should see etc
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    Resident Evil 6

    not happy. doing their utmost to ruin this franchise, dead space is now the only survival horror game worth playing.
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    season ticket query (not city related)

    my girl friends left me her season card to take her younger brothers to watch the cardiff game tomorrow. can i use another persons season card? cheers
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    anyone bought steroids online and if so where from? some really genuine looking sites, but it looks like a rip off waiting to happen.
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    Eubank true legend! best ring walk ever some fond memories of his battles with nigel benn. bit of a nutter also, what do you lot think?
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    ono's big night

    knuckle deep in the pics or cutching with those lovely arms of his?
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    krusty is at it again

    fes up! who the fcuk is crusty?
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    who is......

    crusty the clown? hahaha quality
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    payment protection..

    on my loan. should i be getting this in these uncertain times? my bank says they no longer do it because everyone is claiming it back. can anyone recommend a company because i would hate to be sacked and unable to pay it. thanks in advance for any help given
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    song for Balotelli

    to the tune of sopranos theme Balotelli signs for city gets himself a gun drives past old trafford shooting rags for fun he woke up this morning with a bluemoon in his eyes! any good or what?
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    Howard Stern's gary

    is this funny or exploiting a vulnerable man? i cant make up my mind
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    Wales vs England

    any blues coming to cardiff? i'll be there supporting Wales in my city shirt. hopefully the MS might see a decent crowd with the English coming to town although i doubt it.
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    Let Me In

    what a great film! expected nothing and was pleasantly surprised. anyone else seen it?
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    Dead Space 2

    whos playing this bad boy then? and if not then why not?
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