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    St James's Park - Newcastle

    Have been there several times but could never work it out for myself. From the view of the television camera does the stand on the opposite side slope upwards from left to right or is it the pitch that slopes downwards? Always wondered this, I'd be surprised if the premier league pitch had...
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    Sick and Tired of the City Spending Critics

    I am utterly fed up of the pundits that constantly refer to the amount of money City spend and the fact we have an "expensive" bench. Yes we have bought great players but, were they playing at the level an standard they are currently at City, before we purchased them? I venture to suggest not...
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    Lockdown Format

    Anyone else finding the lockdown format which is virtually guaranteeing a game or two or maybe three a day, quite pleasing? I came from the starting point of not wanting the season to restart and cancelling Sky and BT. However, I have surprisingly enjoyed this current format. Anyone else...
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    Fire Sticks?

    Anyone have any recommendations? Really want to Bin Sky TV, but we are limited, Sky has an almost monopoly on TV viewing. Fancy seeing if there are any good fire sticks out there that be bought so I can bin Sky. I really think they have fucked up football, was okay at the start but they have...
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    Advice appreciated PS4 v X Box

    From a totally uninformed Luddite. Which is the better of the two? I want to buy one for my wife, seriously, she wants to play the simple games like Croc and Spyro, so which is the best? A novelty xmas present. Do we have to buy all the memberships/subscriptions etc? Not critical for online...
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    Outrageous Celebrations.

    i have put this in the general forum even though this specific clip involves our beloved City as it would be good to see it from the wider spectrum of world football. I won't give anything away about the result because ihe five minutes us worth watching, but if you want to see something that...
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    Do you think City have become boring to watch?

    Now before the missiles start flying, this is, believe it or not a positive comment. It's just that City are that good at the moment they can quite literally win a game in the first five minutes as the Fulham and Cardiff games have proved. The problem is no one fancies taking us on so they...
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    A City (Record Breaking?) Question

    can anyone name any other team in the Premiership, or British professional football, or indeed world professional football that has; Won their respective leagues with three consecutive different managers? I think this is at least a British first for the top division, that is unless anyone...
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    Help - Techie question: Fitbit charger 3

    Is anyone else having problems the Fitbit Charge 3? My wife has upgraded her Fitbit charge watch but is having problems synchronising the watch to het pho and iPad. She continually gets the message "The operation couldn't be completed. (FBBluetoothErrorDomain error 8.) We've tried switching...
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    Any Legal Eagles out there? Help with a Will please.

    Anyone had any experience of dealing with Wills and more importantly getting a caveat removed? In a nutshell we were given an estimate by a solicitor of £1,000 plus vat to administer my Mother in laws will. Midway through we had an update that the Bill would be £500 or £600 more. I say it was...
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    Car Write offs?

    Anyone work in insurance or have informed views of car write off criteria? My VW Golf 2011 was rear ended yesterday and is undriveable, now waiting estimation for repair, The car is worth between £5k - £6k. The rear axle looks to be bent, new wheel and tyre required, new light cluster, new...
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    Are We At War...... serious question

    Given the global conflict that is happening and given the UK's involvement and given the constant threat from the "enemy" our country is living under, coups we consider ourselves as being at war? We have war planes attacking other nations/states countries, we have (though not so many now)...
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    Sara Rowbotham

    For some reason an interesting thread about the "Three Girls" was deleted, supposedly for moderation.... whatever that means. Still deleted it has been. The subject however was extremely important and in my view should be up for reasonable debate on all good forums. One point of general...
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    Proper Coppers... do they exist?

    Serious question here. Have we got what I would call proper policemen? The true, fully trained and qualified police officers seem to be a dying breed. All I ever see these days are PCSO's. I understand these individuals have no power of arrest, all they can do is detain you. So where have all...
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    Why? What Agenda is the BBC Running?

    sorry but I have to ask this question. Why when referring to Trumps Travel ban, do the BBC and nearly every other British news outlets insist on saying "seven MAINLY MUSLIM countries"? Why not seven countries? Or seven countries from Asia and Africa? There are many other "mainly Muslim"...
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    Was it meant to be? A point of interest... to me anyway.

    When I was born way back when, the number one record on the hitparade, or charts as it is affectionately known was...... Bluemoon bythe Marcels. I just get the feeling it was written in the stars. Anyone else have any interesting coincidences?
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    Hostages in Paris 13/06/16... WTF is Going On?

    says is breaking news, we could really do without this! Policeman stabbed to death, his wife and son taken hostage by person shouting Islamic slogans! Update - apparently wife was stabbed to death...
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    Bluehammer85 - West Ham Question

    Hope mods don't mind but I've put this question into open forum as I think others may know the answer or may be interested in the answer. After the last game at The Boelyn Ground why was Sir Geoff Hurst totally blanked? No mention of him whatsoever. I thought he was up there with Bobby Moore...
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    Government Media Manipulation and Agenda?

    Does anyone else have the feeling that government is running scared, scared to the lengths that they are manipulating the news to cover all their weaknesses that are being exposed and diverting the nations conversation away from things they don't want to discuss. For example; the latest is the...
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    Cliff Richard files referred to the CPS Isn't it common practise for the police to have to be convinced themselves before referring files to the CPS?
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