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    Free Agents

    Anybody we could sign this week? I'll start: what about Thierry Henry? Be fun watching him and Frank fight it out to see who can score more. It would also be amusing watching Wenger's head explode.
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    Giants, Big Clubs & Minnows

    There's a lot of discussion on the Leeds thread about whether Leeds and other clubs are "Big Clubs" but rather than hijack that thread I thought I'd start a new one. For me there are 10 "Giants of English Football" based upon a number of criteria :- 1 Size of support based upon aggregate...
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    10% of Rags want City to win the derby

    I've just been over to Red Café and they unbelievably are running a poll on who they want to win tomorrow. A lot of them are so obsessed by Liverpool and the 20 title thing that they are quite happy for us to win the title, although they'd prefer Chelsea. I thought this deserved a thread of it's...
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