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    Ways to divide the UK

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    Me and the missus have decided to buy a motorhome, nothing flash, budget of around 18k, been camping and caravaning so this seems the next step, need a 5/6 birth, anyone know of any good dealers or any tips would be more than welcome as I'm pretty much clueless.
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    Carrie Fisher RIP

    No way, hope she pulls through, doesn't sound good
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    Paedophilia within the game/City launch redress scheme Really sad read on how it affected him
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    Sausage Party

    Had me laughing,looks so funny,can't wait for the release!
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    The Winds of Winter, George RR Martin

    Sad news,it now looks like the next season of Game of thrones will come out before the book,he missed the Halloween deadline which was revised to December and now he has missed that as well. THE WINDS OF WINTER is not finished. Believe me, it gave me no pleasure...
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    Warcraft the movie

    Hope it's not a let down,looks good so far
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    MEN "announcement"

    MEN have just announced they have some transfer news at 10.30 wasn't sure where to put this, better when we just had the one thread.
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    Jade Helm.

    Can someone please explain to me what this is all about and why people are worried, lad at work is bleating on about it as well as Chemclouds, watched a few videos on youtube but it just seems like a load of paranoid ramblings.
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    Steam summer sale

    Has started, fill ya boots
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    Game of Thrones season 5 Only came out during the night so not the best quality.
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    Ukraine teams banned from the Champions League?

    The silly season already seems to have hit its peak… Everton and Manchester United reportedly could be given bonus places in the Champions League and Europa League respectively due to the on-going crisis in Ukraine. According to this article by a Spanish journalist, the escalating tensions in...
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    Earth Hour

    I can't see what the feck i am typing, no one else on my street is doing it.
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    Is this true?

    Okay if the missus is giving you a hand job and you are just about to reach the point of orgasm,she reaches down and pulls at your testicles really hard, does this intensify the orgasm?
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    Brilliant article from Mike Keegan

    Good piece in the MEN <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... rn-6557366</a> Can anyone copy and...
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    Perv etiquette

    Okay i got caught at working staring at a girls boobs, the girl said stop staring at my tits, now this has outraged me, shouldn't she just have said nothing,now its awkward, is there no unwritten law about this? if she was looking at my crotch i would have just thought dirty bitch but not said...
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    15 Years today (19th Dec) Lest we forget.
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    I know this is a numb question but

    Ok im shit with everything, my cash card stopped working so got a new one, i have my DD coming out with city and a few others, do they need to be informed? account is still the same but i have a new three number digit on the back of my card, and yes i'm really this dumb about finances etc.
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    Inside City 85

    Is up on the OS, with special guests Ric and De niro lol
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    Inside City 84

    Is now up on the OS.
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