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    Manuel Pellegrini

    We played great attacking football, won trophies and the guy was a gentleman, he was the perfect replacement for Roberto.
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    Champions League Games 19/20 October

    They are bobbins Light years behind us
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    Champions League Games 19/20 October

    Looking forward to seeing the Ginger Pig cry.
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    Champions League Games 19/20 October

    Clear red, similar to the Mane sending off when we thrashed the Scouse 5 nil.
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    Club Brugge (A) - CL - Post-Match Thread

    Sublime football, that's why most teams park the bus against us, no-one comes close toe to toe.
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    Catalytic converter thefts

    Lots of taxi drivers drive the old style Prius and most of them have had a new exhaust fitted that's worth fuck all to the cat thieves. I took mine to a garage in Bolton, got a new exhaust fitted and they gave me £300 as well. On that basis the cats are probably worth £1000, that's why every...
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    That’s it, problem solved.

    Probably had to sign a non disclosure like the bent refs.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    There's a scouse echo 48 page Salah celebration paper on sale at the moment, should I buy one to keep incase of any future bog roll shortage?
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    Liverpool Thread - 2021/22

    The one he scored against the dippers a few years ago from the very acute angle was awesome.
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    Ref Watch

    Amazing how much we've won over the years considering the bent refereeing we've had to put up with.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Missed their 2nd half today unfortunately, off to the caf for a laugh.
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    Never doubt Pep

    The chumps league is a contrived 'cup' competition and sure it would be nice to win it but I wouldn't lose any sleep if we never won it. Since Pep joined us we have witnessed in the Centurions season the best team this country has seen in 130 years of professional football. Enjoy him while he's...
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    Premier League Games 2/3 October

    He still is!
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    Premier League Games 2/3 October

    Football from a generation ago. Get it to the wingers, wack it in the box and look for the scraps. Garbage.
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    The idiocy (and selfishness) of panic buying

    Motorway services are given priority for fuel as they don't want people running out on the motorway. Used Lymm services a few times as its been a nightmare getting fuel in Warrington, the only downside has been the price.
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    Champions League Games 28/29 September

    Hilarious stuff They are seriously shite At least it keeps Noddys job secure Going nowhere with him in charge
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    Champions League Games 28/29 September

    Static on for Sancho The wheel is clueless
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    Match Thread | PSG vs Man City (29/09/21)

    I'm in shock
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    Roger Hunt - rest in peace

    I met him a few years ago when I took him to a school prize evening he was hosting in my taxi. We had a great chat on the way, a true gentleman, I was so pleased to have met him. A local lad who played for Stockton Heath, Warrington Town as well as the Scouse. RIP.
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