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    New Job Required

    I found out last week that I will be made redundant in the next week or so. Got called in for a "chat" and was then told that my job is going and now I have a week left. I'm pretty gutted about this as the timing is completely shite. I work in account management/field sales selling to...
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    Ferry From Belfast

    I am travelling to and from Belfast next week. I am flying over and picking up a new company van then getting the ferry back. There are 2 routes, either to Liverpool which takes 8 hours or to Stranraer which takes 2 hours but then a long drive back to Manchester. Has anyone done these before...
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    Local Scouting

    I was talking to a mate the other night about youth teams. He runs a team in Bolton that has all age groups. He was telling me that they never see any scouts at their games anymore. They have some cracking young players but nobody seems to be looking at them. Does anyone else have this same...
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    Garage Problem

    Last week I took my work van into the Manchester Citroen garage for a new fuel filter. I left the van with them and 2 days later it was ready. When I came to collect the van I noticed that the door wasn't locked. Anyway I drove off and carried on my work day. Later on I tried to lock the door...
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    Multi Fuel Stoves

    I have been looking at getting one of these installed. I have seen some threads on here but was wondering about the prices they should cost. I have seen some in ebay that range from £200 - £400 and they seem fine for us (4-5kw). I have also seen one in a proper stove supplier shop for £800...
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    Extreme Cheapskates Programme

    Just watched an American programme on one if the digital channels TLC about cheapskates. There was one guy who went to a restaurant with his wife and would go over to people to ask for their leftovers then box them up to eat later! He also went out to get her anniversary prezzies from the local...
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    Cat and Dog Problem

    We have a cat which we have had for a few years. He is so good and easy to look after. We went along to the dogs and cats home to have a look at getting another cat but ended up getting a dog instead (missus fault). Anyway now we have a dog and cat that are getting to know each other and not...
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    New Comedy Series

    Found a new comedy series on E4 which is pretty good its called Drifters. Bit of a female inbeteeeners really. Well worth a watch though. Also anyone watch Him and Her on bbc3? I love this programme, one of the best series in past few years. Such well written characters. The new wedding series...
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    This Life (tv series)

    Just seen a new character in Eastenders and remember her from This Life. It was a bbc2 drama about some young Lawyers and solicitors sharing a house in London. Anyone remember it? Quality show and well worth checking out if you haven't seen it.
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    Kids Do The Funniest Things

    I fell asleep earlier while watching The Simpsons with my daughter and 3 year old son. I was woken by him giving me the kiss of life (correct mouth seal too), he said he had just seen it on tv, Mr Burns doing it to Smithers, it was so funny. Glad there wasn't an Itchy and Scratchy episode in it...
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    Hotel Review Sites

    As I am going on holiday with my wife and kids soon. I decided to read some upto date reviews of the hotel we are staying at. We looked last year when we booked it and they were really good but now the reviews have gone pretty bad. Do any of you take much notice of these sites or is it mostly...
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    Debt Advice

    Just wondered if anyone has any advice on a bit of a legal issue. My wife has a council tax debt from 7 years ago that the bailiffs have recently contacted her about. We have arranged a payment plan so it is being paid off. Bit ridiculous really as not heard anything for all this time and she...
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    Rugby or Football Training for Under 4's

    Just looking for some help. I have been trying to find something for my 3 1/2 yr old son to train in. I am looking for either rugby or football or similar. Can't find anything for his age in my area which is Salford. Any ideas?
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    The Human Centipede (on tonight syfy channel)

    Exactly what it says on the title. Never seen it and heard it was a bit of a strange one.
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    Death Penalty

    I have been thinking about the Daniel Pelka case and it got me thinking about the death penalty. Should it be brought in for certain cases. I really don't have a problem with it for child killers and maybe serial killers. Or is a "life" sentence better, 30 yrs plus. I can see lots of pros but...
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    Houses on Mereside Road

    Just driven down there today (the one in Mere). My word those houses look lovely and very expensive. Got to be the most expensive area for houses in the North West.
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    common sense

    I have just spent an hour looking for a customers business address as my Satnav and his post code would not get me to him. After several phone calls to him I eventually found his business, 50 yds away from a Tesco extra store. The guy obviously didn't have the common sense to mention that as I...
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    Bargain Umbro Kits

    I am looking to get a couple of last seasons kits for my son for holiday. Anyone know where the best place for cheap prices is?
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    Worst Pub In Town

    After reading the best pubs for beer gardens thread thought about this as a topic. Nags head is bad, landlords a cock and place always full of rags. But for me worst is Burton Arms. Now that landlord is a proper bell end, with his picture of him n Rooney behind the bar. Last time I went in we...
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    Holidays In Croatia

    Looking at booking next year during summer school holidays. Looking at a mobile home on a campsite. Anyone been and any advice? Normally book everything separate, accom, flights and car hire.
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