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    Bought this off amazon for when I did the thunder run, good bright light and used for around four hours without charging.
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    Running thread

    Good luck to all those doing the London marathon this weekend, hope you all run a great race. I’ll be trying to run a half on Sunday, trying to get round in around two hours is the aim.
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    Running thread

    Just spent a great weekend at the conti thunder run. Managed four 10k laps for our team with times of 58.37, 59.37, 57.31 and 01.05.58. Not being used to trail running I am absolutely stunned with how well I did (probably helped that the ground was very dry). Legs ache like hell today but can’t...
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    Running thread

    Off to do a lap or two at the conti thunder run this weekend, just hoping the weather holds.
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    Running thread

    Judging by my performance this evening we can rest assured it’s not me.
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    Running thread

    56:09 is my 10K time this morning. Very warm out there and maybe I was a little too conservative for the first 5 to make sure my 6th mile was the fastest.
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    We really do have the best fans in the world.

    Can disabled fans attend in your utopia?
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    Running thread

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    Champions League Final | Tickets - City Official Package + UEFA Tickets

    Try contacting sport’s world, they have just sent me a new email with a new link for passport info. I never received the initial email.
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    Running thread

    Occasionally get soreness on the inside of the heel which has got a little bit more regular recently. I have worn orthotics for my feet for years so I assume they are overdue replacing so going next Monday for a foot/feet impression to get some new ones made.
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    Running thread

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    Running thread

    Knocked 1 minute 39 seconds off my best recorded 5K time this morning. I have no idea how I managed that but well pleased.
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    Which Chippy Curry Sauce do you prefer

    Chinese chip shop curry is vile, English is slightly better, I have no idea about Irish chip shop curry.
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    Running thread

    Really pleased with the run this morning. Probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to 10K without this group.
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    Bluemoon Cheltenham Champion Tipser 2021

    Thanks for running this again Leighton (and Blue b4 the moon). Can’t believe I finished 3rd!
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    Bluemoon Champion Tipser final day

    13.20 - Quilixios 13.55 - Champagne Gold 14.30 - Torygrapgh 15.05 - Al Boum Photo 15.40 - Bilaway 16.15 - Elimay
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    Bluemoon Cheltenham Tipser Day 3 selections.

    13.20 - Envoi Allen 13.55 - The Bosses Oscar 14.30 - Min 15.05 - Paisley Park 15.40 - The Shunter 16.15 - Roseys Hollow
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    Running thread

    Somewhere around the hour and I will be happy, haven’t ran 10K for about 16 years.
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