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    No half-price food tonight?

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    Your neighbour is going to add two storeys to his house

    I wasn't sure if this was for the politics forum (as it's this government doing it) but from next month you can add extra storeys to a house without planning permission. Can you imagine the new terrace housing in east Manchester (Beswick or New Islington) with just a few with extra storeys on...
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    Grants for grassroots clubs (Covid-ready)
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    Trafford Centre in administration

    Intu broke...
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    Fixture congestion.... FA Cup and PL

    FA says semi-finals are 18/19 July - we have Norwich (correction: Watford) away on the 18th.
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    DIY dentistry...

    Cracked a front tooth yesterday. Front face hanging on. Got a repair kit from Boots (only pharmacy in town with any) and Mrs V poked the cement behind the face while I held the face away from the rest then pushed it back in place. Setting now - we'll see if it takes! Prob need a crown...
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    Two years since anyone but City...

    If I'd not been so busy on the politics thread I'd have posted this on Tuesday (19 May)... But it's now two years since anyone other than City won a domestic trophy in England.
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    WhatsApp recycle bin

    I found it once by accident. Where is it so I can delete stuff?
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    Frank Soo - First Chinese player to play for England remembered

    Google's banner today has featured Frank Soo (first Chinese player in England). Pics include his appearances for the wartime England team with Frank Swift and Joe Mercer.
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    Ad issue

    I keep getting the page dropping out to what looks like a spam BT advert.
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    Covidalong - music while you shirk

    After the Italian "apartamento opera" I'm enjoying various virtual concerts... I very occasionally go to Opera North at the Lowry. I wandered in one tea-time having gone that way to try and get out of a traffic jam. They were just about to start the pre-show talk about "Eugene Onegin". The guy...
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    Just me? Facebook reluctant to load and will not let me on any group.
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    outlook mails bouncing back

    Using the Outlook 2013 prog I'm suddenly getting any mails sent bouncing back with the message: "Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it. Diagnostic information for administrators: Generating server:" I can still...
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    League Cup final tickets

    Odd- not in the list of matches ...
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    Work injury abroad

    Legal advice for someone injured at work in Holland? Get in the claim before the 31st?
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    Daft signs

    Famously, "when this sign is under water, it's unsafe to cross the river". I was put in mind of this by the BBC alert for when Adobe stop servicing Flash next year. "You’ll only see this message if your device is using Flash technology to play BBC content. If you don’t see the message, you...
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    Android blips

    Most stuff is working ok (except maybe Javascript has somehow been disabled) but on this forum the search button isn't working nor does the "quote" function even appear. Both fine on PC/laptop.
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    Outlook hacked?

    Looks like it with Outlook saying "unusual activity" and needing verification. Seems sorted but the "sent" folder was emptied. Can it be recovered? Microsoft helplines not very helpful.
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    Sterling article by Alastair Campbell in Sunday Times Not sure if paywall means having to register (two free articles a week)
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    End of next season

    Because of the midwinter break in February, the Prem doesn't finish till 17 May, then FA final on 23 May, CL final on 30 May.
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