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    Allan Saint-Maximin

    Anyone think this guy would be a great Sane replacement, or even an upgrade? I would be tremendously excited to see him at City.
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    Can our 3 strikers hit 30 goals each?

    There's a lot of talk about the quadruple, even though it's a helluva long shot. But, what about our 3 main strikers each bagging 30 goals in all competitions? As incredible as this sounds, it's now a distinct possibility! I can't imagine this has ever been done in any competitive League in...
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    No! City win the title and I left at 1-2!

    I watched the "Games that shook the Etihad #10" a couple of nights ago. Unbelievable emotions all over again! I wasn't there but could understand leaving in a way. It was absolutely the most gut wrenching experience ever for a City fan of 46 years and I'm sure for all of us. I felt like leaving...
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    Cavani Speculation/News 3 (or 4)

    Agree with your statement. Cavani looks like a good fit at some price but it's not the end of the world if we don't him. But your closing question is too flawed. Which team would make which player work? Would you prefer Leandowski to Dzeko? With Dortmund in Germany he's great, as was Dzeko...
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    What a difference a week I delusional!

    Less than a week ago I was wondering how it had all gone so wrong. Not even a week later, I'm convinced we're going to conquer the World!!! My Doctor says I'm irrational and delusional and suffering from something called TC Syndrome. He says this is increasingly common in many parts of the...
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    Sacking Mancini... was there even a choice?

    Given the debacle against Norwich, the Mancini debate will surely rage on. Question to the Inners..... was it even possible for Mancini to turn things around next season? If yes, how?
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    Another Roberto.... Martinez?

    I know this sounds a little naiive and 'knee jerk' but if our Roberto is defo gone (based on so many performances of late, I think perhaps he should be) and if someone like Pellegrini is in the picture, why not consider another Roberto......... Martinez? His team played us off the park twice in...
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    Have we excorcised the transfer ghosts of Hughes and Cook?

    Including reported salaries, Maicon IN for less than De Jong OUT? Are we now no longer a soft touch in the transfer market?
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    Whatever happened to Chris Samba?

    I have never even heard the slightest rumour about us being after him, but quite honestly, I don't understand why not given we have been linked with almost every CB south of Hackney Marshes. He was absolutely immense at times for Blackburn and seemed nailed on for the Arse. Maybe he's too...
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