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    Missing fixture??

    Maybe I've lost the plot/getting old/too drunk or all of the previously listed...but all the league tables (I checked bbc, skysports, mcfc homepage) list us as having played 30 with only 7 remaining premier fixtures. Is there a rescheduled game I've completely forgotten about because of an FA...
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    Global Coverage of the Battle of Manchester

    Still buzzing after today. Just checked CNN website over here in the States. I think it's the first time I've seen any premiership game make frontpage news on this continent. The global impact of today's victory cannot be underestimated. CTID!
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    UFC Lesnar/Overeem stream for tonight anyone??

    Shady....I know you're out there somewhere....hook a brother up, fella :)
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    Effin' annoying Premier News Flash popups

    How do I stop these annoying bastards from playing every time I open up a new page of the forum on Bluemoon? It's driving me craaazy....AAaaaargghhhhh!!!
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    Despite Shauny's bad pass....

    ...How awesome was it to see City's 6th replacing United's lone granny-shagger!
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    Did the tw*t Lawro not predict our game last week??

    According to the Beeb's "How did shagface do last week" section, we have been erroneously (not on purpose, of course :)) omitted from the prediction king's results. Hmmmmm...............
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    A Psychological theory......maybe

    Just been thinking about this..... Our last 6 games have all been Sunday or Monday fixtures. Now some might say that playing later in the weekend is a benefit, as the team could be prepared knowing that, for instance, Liverpool have just lost and now we have a good chance to create more of a...
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    The English Galacticos!!!!!!!!

    Ok, so in light of Real's purchasing shenanigans, coupled with Sparky's desire to buy premier proven players....we should come up with a transfer plan to sign all England's top-rated players. Let's go and buy Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Beckham, Walcott, Young.....add them to what we have...
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    Robbie to Barca???!!!!???

    Just found this.....not exactly sure how reliable is : ...hopefully just a bunch of nonsense...
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    Elano committed to City

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... nid-39650/</a> Good to hear this. Let's hope Hughes shows some committment too and...
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    Shitanta Sports News

    Just watching live at the mo (can't get SSN over here) and amazingly, their top story at the moment is not our bid for Kaka but Spurs in for Adriano on loan!!!! What a bunch of wankers.
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    South Park or Family Guy?

    Which do think is the funnier show?
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