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    Too Many Free Roles

    Its something that's been bugging me all season; the fact so few of our players have designated positions and roles out on the pitch. Agüero does, the defenders do. In between that however, all too often it is just a minefield of players moving about where the fuck they please, like a game of...
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    Dropping out of the top 4 - potential repercussions?

    First of all I have read the sticky at the top but I don't see a thread that would incorporate this topic. Apologies if I have missed it. It seems to me it is because a very possible scenario that we might finish outside the top 4. Arsenal and Liverpool look to be finishing strongly, and United...
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    Boring, boring City?

    Have City become boring? Firstly, this is not a dig at the club, or a knee-jerk reaction to the events of deadline or the loss to Stoke or whatever. Micah Richards was the last of the entertainers (off the pitch) to leave, the others being Lescott and de Jong, while the likes of Balotelli and...
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    Toure kick out - no ban (update p30)

    Haven't seen any mention of it on here but incredibly stupid from Yaya. Could well be a 3 game ban, which I think would see him return from suspension for the league cup final? Assuming it comes in to place before Sunderland on Wednesday. Again, that's if he is charged, but now it's been...
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    who should partner Kompany on Wednesday?

    This is assuming VK is back in the side of course..... Demichelis or Lescott? Do we go with Demichelis, the regular starter recently who is far better on the ball than Lescott, or Joleon who is the natural left sided centre half of the two and who has had an excellent understanding with Kompany...
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    Monday's headlines

    Used to enjoy these threads...
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    Yaya Toure behaviour

    Once again got booked for a reaction. I'd like to think they built fines for bookings into his contract, but I doubt it. Next year they could stack up and see him suspended, and one of these days he'll make a silly foul whilst on a needless yellow and get sent off. Imagine if he missed the...
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    PFA POTY shortlist (merged)

    at noon. Heard a whisper camel gob is on the shortlist, surely bollocks?
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    Aguero doubt for Spurs

    tight hamstring. source: Stuart Brennan for fucks sake
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    Final at City Square?

    As we will get a smaller allocation for the final, more blues will have to watch from Manchester, and I think it would be great for all those without tickets to have the chance to watch from eastlands in a rag-free, blue-filled zone. Another month away so should have warmed up by then and would...
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    Norah Mercer

    Has sadly passed away today, at the age of 93 I believe (this story suggests her birthday is on March 11th: Rest in piece Norah, send our best wishes to Joe up in the sky
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    Scott Sinclair

    Only got 5 minutes but beat 2 men to nearly win a penalty. He really should be given more minutes when we are struggling. He deserve a chance over Nasri
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    Live games at CitySquare

    just been wondering, do any live games ever get screened on the big screens either side of the club shop? i can recall watching a few lunchtime games there a couple of years ago, but haven't seen any shown there recently. have the club just decided not to show any games, or are there certain...
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    our next Arsenal purchase

    well, its been over 15 months since we bought a player from Arsenal, who would you choose to be the next to make the step up to their parent club? i can't believe I'm saying this but I'm considering saying walcott and using him only as a striker. he would be a genuine different option to what...
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    Kolo the car salesman

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    Balotelli's brother

    has joined Salford City FC
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    The good thing about Mancini's inability to conquer Europe

    is that he is less likely to be targeted by the Italian national team (or any other national team for that matter). the champions league is more similar to international tournaments than the premier league, as it comprises of one-off games against teams that only come together every few weeks...
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    Javi Garcia

    hopefully gone in january
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    dear murdoch, F off (RE: sergio)

    just been watching the 55, and as with many good goals that we score I've been rewinding it and watching it a few times, hoping to notice different things each time etc. Next time to see the goal don't follow edin, follow aguero as he plays the ball. you'll notice that he stands still after he...
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    what is the song played when

    our team is read out just before kick off? its not so much a song but more of a tune, and a catchy one at that! i'd like to know what it is
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