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    Pub tomorrow

    Anybody going town (Manchester) tomorrow? If there's a place that generally has more blues I'd like to go. I always end up in places that have about 3 blues in, weirdly. Not really in to the tib st tav either
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    Ghost imaging

    IT techy question - Does anyone know the benefits of ghost over using built in Windows image creation or other image software, if any? Someone in my work commented that one of our images must have been old because it was a ghost image...I didn't quite get why though.
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    Pages within threads

    No chance of a drop down option for page numbers within threads? Useful for getting to pages fast on massive ones...unless there's already something that I don't know about?
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    Galaxy S3 restore problem

    My Galaxy S3 is buggered as every time I turn it on the flash starts going mental and there is no audio working on it at all, front speaker/back speaker/headphone socket/mic, nothing so I want to restore it to it's original state but there's nothing that I can find to show how to do this, I did...
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