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    Scottish Chaos

    Scarcely believable
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    Too Much Too Young

    There is a nice piece about Jude Bellingham on BBC today, in which it is mentioned that he played 53 games last year. He made his debut for Birmingham City aged 16 and has not looked back since. By coincidence, Trevor Francis also made his senior debut for Brum aged 16 and just about carried...
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    Cat-astrophic explosion.

    Our cat came home the other day with an injured front leg. The vet sent him to the animal hospital. The xray puzzled them: his 'elbow' had apparently exploded. Off to specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Hmmm....Not normal. Full body scan revealed lesions throughout his body. The conclusion was that...
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    EFL Trophy

    U21 beat Scunthorpe 3-0. Cole Palmer masterclass says one report. Meanwhile manyoo lost 3-2 to Lincoln, having been 3 nil down. Reds had a man sent off in added time.
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    Unknown unknowns

    Donald Rumsfeld reported dead. We can't actually be sure. "The message is that there are no "knowns." There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not...
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    Modern Technology.....A Love Affair

    I use email on my tablet for most social interaction, as I am too deaf to hear a mobile. My 6 year old tablet is getting a bit bashed up, so I decided to replace it. Did the usual research and decided a basic Samsung would suffice. Samsung's own site had very little in the way of technical data...
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    Advice Needed New Driveway.

    My drive is constructed out of concrete blocks. They are very old and crumbling at the edges. A path made of the same material goes around the house. I need to renew or refurbish. All advice gratefully received.
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    George Reynolds

    George Reynolds, ex chairman of Darlington fc, has died. Reynolds led an extraordinary life:smuggler, safe cracker, multi millionaire kitchen top manufacturer, tax avoider, hard man. But most of all he was a Walter Mitty who built a 25,000 seat stadium for his club and imagined he would take...
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    Gerry Marsden

    Gerry "You'll Never Walk Alone" Marsden has died. RIP. Candles selling like hot cakes on Merseyside.
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    Jimmy Greaves MBE

    I was surprised to find that Jimmy Greaves has never been honoured until now. A truly magic player who scored wonderful goals, usually from 3 yards with a little shimmy that left the keeper helpless. His debut for Wham at Maine road was brilliant. City had tried to sign him but he came in the...
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    Calling Electricians

    Long story short. Turned on the extractor fan in my cooker hood...Bang! Trip switch down. Tested other things attached to kitchen circuits, all fine. Cooker hood and hob ignition direct wired with master switches and fuses. Replaced fuse, turned on .....Bang. Turned off master switch, reset trip...
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    Brazilian Players and Sexual Assault

    Robinho's appeal in Italy from his rape conviction starts soon and he is mentioned in this article about Brazilian players and how they get away with it. Perhaps the worst case is the guy who allegedly arranged the murder of his ex, who was chopped up and fed to the dogs. Seems the culture in...
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    Christmas Card Fiasco

    Received our first Christmas card today. Who posts these harbingers of the great card bingo? -Dec 22. Receive card from Bill and Maureen. Should we send them one? No, they will realise we only sent one cos we got theirs. - Shall we send one to Sally and Nigel? No, they are complete arses. -...
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    Malicious Prosecutions in Rangers Saga

    Well, well, well. It was always obvious that there were some murky goings on in the long running Rangers Saga. Now we learn that the prosecutions of those who tried to take over the club were malicious. Who was behind it? How did the Crown prosecutor get involved? Will heads roll in the Crown...
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    Roberto Mancini tests positive for Covid-19

    Bobbymanc is reported to be conivirus positive. Get well soon , Bobby, you are much loved hereabouts.
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    Dodgy Definitions

    Samuel Johnson defined oats as a grain "which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people" In that spirit, what dodgy definitions can you come up with? I'll start. Teabagging: the habit of Spanish FA officials claiming that other teams are state owned.
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    Ricky Valence

    Surprised that none of the old codgers like me have picked up on the death of Welsh singer Ricky Valence. RIP. He had a massive hit in 1960: Tell Laura I Love Her, about the death of a racing driver. In the fashion of the time, he ripped off his name from US singer Richie Valens who was rather...
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    The Corner Shop

    In the current climate I am wary of the supermarket and the milling hoardes. So I use the village shop. It's brilliant. I was brought up at a time when the old style English corner shop was convenient but not much cop. For a start, it was shut half the time. Then there was the "Asian Corner Shop...
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    Special Report

    It was a typical Manchester day. The wind howled and the rain swirled around the Etihad. @Marvin stood under a huge blue umbrella. "It may be bad now, but it will be fine and bright by kick off" he reported. A high gust lifted the umbella into the sky and Marvin was last seen sailing towards...
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    Control of Money Laundering

    If you are a major criminal or an oligarch grown rich on by dubious methods, you can salt your ill gotten gains away in London Property without too much difficulty by using an offshore company to purchase a mansion. But try and spend legitimate funds on uk property and you might run into...
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