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    Season ticket

    Hello all, not a frequent poster on the forum, but frequent reader. I'm basically wondering the process, price and how long I'd have to wait with regards to getting a season ticket, I've (to my shame) not been as active a supporter as I'd of liked but I'm in a good position financially to...
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    Anywhere in Town or Salford that fixes cracked screens?

    I've dropped my google nexus today and cracked the screen, and I'm pretty pissed off about it, and I've never had to replace a screen before, can anyone reccomend any shops that will give me a fair price?
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    Rant about Work

    Hey all, hope everyone's well. Around January I wrote about my shafting by the DWP and my subsequent acquisition of a job. Unfortunately, as of Monday, I may be getting my marching orders and the last four months have been pretty rough. I feel that I have been inadequately trained, spoken to...
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    Shafted by the DWP

    I've been receiving JSA for the last few months, due to being let go from my last job as it was seasonal work, and today I've woken up to find I've ten pounds in my account rather than the usual 140. Now, just to clear things up, I'm not a loafer or a leech, I'm trying very hard to get work, and...
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