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    City Tag

    Got this made today in Orlando,our American fans will know all about them.Meant to go on your licence plate at the front ......this beauty is going in my van when i get back $35.......about £22.......A bit steep but worth it The place is called Tags With Class,i have had them made before, but...
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    23:10 BBC FOUR.Storyville.Documentary about two sets of "travellers"
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    GCHQ Need New Code Breakers

    A job interview is the prize for sorting this load of letters and numbers out ,good luck
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    This is new

    Skill wise and possession of the ball there is very little between the pair of them,if only Geo`s finishing was as clinical,and he had better players around him.......I know he didn`t progress at Ajax like he should have done......I blame Buzzer jr
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    The misses on the phone

    She has been on it since 9pm,3hrs and 25mins now, and she hasn't redialed once,the bill will be horrendous.
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    Eddie Murphy Raw

    Film4 23:05. Enjoy
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    Cant see if this has been posted,this is from today
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    Got given this today

    Roy Bailey gave me this bottle of bubbly from the Wembley game, top fella. And its unopened.................Bonus (Sorry the photos sideways)
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    Black Widow Spider and Buffalo Wings

    Came close to eating one tonight,went for a meal at Longhorn steak house in Kissimmee,ordered boneless buffalo wings and some other bits,after eating most of the wings,what i thought was the green bit of the top of a tomato was stuck to a bit of chicken i was just about to eat,after knocking it...
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    Robert Schimmel..............

    Comedian Robert Schimmel dies at 60 Comedian Robert Schimmel died Friday from injuries he suffered in a car accident a week prior, Bob Merlis, his friend and former rep at Warner Bros. Records, confirmed to CNN. He was 60 years old. Schimmel, his son and his daughter, 19, were traveling in his...
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    Snooker Bet............ Help Needed

    I Backed Dott to win .......£15@14/1..and £30@18/1. Total profit £720 Now what would be the best bet to place on robbo,for the best return either way,and should i bet before or after it starts? I know its late............but it is bank holiday weekend
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    Scam on the M56...........Or not.......

    I was coming off kingsway on to M56,and half way down the slip road is a parked merc with its hazards lights on. I slowed down and this lad(he looked kurdish) opens the van door and asked for money for fuel to get to Luton? all i had on me was a bit of change (£3.60 to be precise) He then pulls...
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    A Wank...............................Poor Fella.

    Andreas Wank Ski Jumping Height 189 cm (6' 2") Weight 72 kg (159 lbs) Date of Birth February 18, 1988 Age 22 Nationality Germany Birthplace Germany Nickname Fledermaus, Andi. (, 08 Nov 2005) Club WSV Oberhof: Oberhof, Germany Coach Heinz Kuttin, Ronny Hornschuh...
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    BBC1 Now

    Kieren Fallon on the telly at the moment,it could be my eye`s,but it looks like he has a faint white line on the top of his nostril?? Anybody else see that ??
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    Problems at work help needed

    Can anyone give any advice for the problem me and 6 others at work have. We were called in to a meeting on monday to be told that from the 7th of Dec we are forced to take 3 days off work due to the loss of work. We were told it will only be for 2 months,but im not so sure. Now other than the...
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    Pokerrooms....League Players

    Trying to log in to the site but keep getting .Cannot display the webpage, I have looked for other ways to get page up but with no luck. Anyone got any info ?? Can someone else try and log in Thanks
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    Visa Waiver Program USA

    We have booked to go to Orlando in September,I need a new smart passport (£90ish) I have just looked on the US immigration site,and to download the information on PDF file it`s another $50.The cost is going up by the hour. Has any fellow Bluemooners been/going to the states and can offer any...
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    Flakey O`Sullivan......

    Anyone see the end of the game tonight,he forfeited two frames.And needing to win the last frame to stay in the game,he takes on a tricky red in to the middle,he plays it far to slow and leaves it up.Perry then cleans up to take the match,the most gifted player to lift a cue,but he has some deep...
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    Tesco To Big For There Own Boots

    Just been in the new one on Hyde road to get some Stella and Baileys that is on offer. Went out to the work van to find a parking ticket on the screen??.Went back in to be told Tesco`s do not run the car park and it is run by a parking enforcement firm from Birmingham,i got no joy from the staff...