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    Exhibition on female City fans

    I am not sure whether I should have posted on this forum or over on Off Topic with this. So apologies if I have chosen wrongly. Worth a look if you're passing...
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    Good Football-Related Writing

    I read this post from @Eebo on the United thread and I though it was a very good idea... The quoted article is from one of the most underrated football writers at work today. That's not to say that I always agree with Barney Ronay; it's just that I think he expresses himself well. Anyway, if...
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    Well, to be fair, he's a busy man... (Roy Keane)

    ... that dog of his won't wank itself. Roy Keane has reportedly thrown a strop and walked out of the Republic of Ireland set up, right before the European Championships. (Sorry, I can't do links on the phone). Stay classy, Roy. Stay classy.
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    School teacher's nicknames

    I was reminded of this by the thread titled Squeaky Shoes because that was the nickname of one of our teachers. We also had... Good Eye Snaggle Puss Pimpy Beaker Ducksie Doc Wiggy and. Bollock Chops. Anyone else got some good 'uns?
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    Proud to be Irish, today.

    Christ knows we've got an awful lot wrong in this little country over the years but yesterday, in voting a resounding YES to the Equality Referendum, we definitely got something fundamentally decent and fair right. Given the international perception of Ireland as a conservative, deeply Catholic...
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    I couldn't sleep for a while last night and (God knows why but) I began knocking the concept of happiness around what passes for my brain, lately. Thing is, it seems to me that modern man has a sense of entitlement to happiness. Naturally, I blame the Americans for this... an all too literal...
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    Fantasy Supergroup

    Some say it was already a reality with Cream but who would comprise the ultimate supergroup? For me, it's the following: Drums: Levon Helm (not as technically proficient as Ginger Baker, maybe but better vocals, better songwriter and less likely to randomly kill everybody) Bass: Paul...
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    Google Maps

    Can the world really be changing so quickly that this nuisance of a thing has to keep updating every five minutes? Yes, I am aware that I can stop it but all I want to know is why it updates so often.
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    A brief history of the world...

    In the beginning, there were dinosaurs. They died and became oil. The Arabs got all the oil and made pots of money. Then they bought City. Now, City are the champions. QED. :-)
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    A Short General Knowledge Quiz

    Very short, in fact... First person to answer correctly can set the next question: Which is the largest country in Africa? Edit: in terms of acreage.
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    The Bob Dylan appreciation thread

    Quite simply the greatest songwriter of all time. The voice is an acquired taste, perhaps but he is arguably the greatest singer of the the last fifty years. (As opposed to all those x-factor karaoke artists who have fantastic voices but not a freaking notion of how to actually sing). This is...
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    The Great Pear Debate

    Yep, Kelly Brooke does indeed have a great... blah, blah, blah but, enough of that! (EDIT:I'll never get enough of that! Boom, boom!!) Phew, that's the inuendo out of the way, then. Now, for a matter of great social and political import... Ladies & gentlemen, I've just been accused of being...
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    About The Beatles, She Loves You...

    Sorry, I can't provide a link but well, if you can't lay your hands on a copy of this particular song, your opinion is pretty much invalid to me anyway. So, I've just been listening to it and, brace yourself but... That little riff George Harrison plays is different every time. It sounds the...
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    Re: just been in the baker's

    Just been to the bakery where I couldn't help but notice that many householders allow their staff to dress "casually". Is this the norm now? Amongst the clientele (none of whom showed any deference towards I, whatsoever) were a houseboy in ill-fitting, unbelted trousers, what was presumably a...
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    Six Word Short Story

    Not everyone's cup of tea, I know but for the rest of us... Essentially, the challenge is to write a story in no more than six words. The story goes that no less a writer than Errnest Hemingway started this literary phenomenon. So you'll be in good company, should you give it a go. Examples...
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    Okay, as it's the silly season, perhaps some kind soul can put me out of my occasional misery. A few years ago, I heard a guy on the radio ask the listeners for three words in the English language that end in the letters shion. I was on my way to the airport and I never did hear the answer...
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    Limerick 'Treaty 300' selection v City 4 Aug 1991. - query

    Hi, As the thread title suggests, City played v a Limerick selection at Thomond Park in 1991. Reid was the City manager, Allardyce was Limerick's. Anyway, a friend is doing an article on significant soccer (as opposed to rugby) games played at Thomond Park, over the years and had asked me what...
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    Frank McKeown

    Nope, I'd never heard of him, either. He's the captain of Stranraer, apparently. Somebody wrote a letter to this morning's Sunday Independent about his exploits last weekend and I thought it worth repeating the gist of it, here. At 8am, he finished his duties as a firefighter at the scene of the...
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    Is it just me?

    I love football. I'm a huge music fan. I have absolutely no inclination to combine the two, though. What I mean is, when I go to a football match, as a rule, I'm generally only there to watch the football. Boring, I know but that's just me. If everybody else wants to sing and organise...
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    Imagine my outrage!

    As some of you may be aware, today is a Bank Holiday here, on the greener, more civilised island. As the weather has been unseasonably bright and sunny, Mrs Mad4City, donned her bathing suit and declared that we would load up the automobile with appropriate paraphernalia, strap in MiniMad4City...