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    Reasonably priced laptop

    My youngest daughter's school has set the children up with online lessons so they can keep on with their studies while they are off school. The platform seems to only really work well with Windows and everything we have at home is Apple and is in use for working from home anyway. So I'm...
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    Cancelling a Wembley ticket purchase

    I bought a couple of tickets for an overseas blue for the Charity Shield but he no longer needs them. Anyone know how I can go about cancelling them and getting my money back? The purchase email seemed to suggest this could be done up to a week before kick off but no info on how to do it!
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    Chris hughton sacked

    Surprised by that.
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    New Southampton manager - Mark Hughes

    Not exactly the most inspiring choice!
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    Fear of flying - any tips?

    I've been terrified of flying for some time now and as a result haven't flown in about 6 years. Fortunately there are plenty of trains and cruises to interesting places in Asia, so neither I, nor my family haven't been too seriously handicapped by it. However, after 20 years away, the time has...
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    Moving back to the UK but where?

    After over 20 years living overseas, we've decided to move back to the UK for a couple of years at least. No doubt since I was last there things have changed a lot and I'm struggling to think of the best place to move to. Basically looking for a family friendly area with low crime, good...
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    Nice areas of England to live

    After spending the last 20 or so years abroad, I am toying with the idea of returning to England for a couple years for the benefit of my children's education and one or two other reasons. Ideally it would be an attractive village or small town with relatively low crime rates, good housing...
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    So what would you all have done differently?

    As gutted as I am with the result, I must admit I am at a loss to think of anything that could have been done to change the result. In my opinion, Mancini picked the correct side from the players available and they should have been good enough to win the game. I don't think any player played...
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    Aldridge leaving

    From the official site: Manchester City Football Club today confirmed that its Chief Operating Officer, Paul Aldridge has decided to leave the Club in October. Garry Cook offered Paul his very best wishes and commented “Although I am disappointed, I can confirm that Paul has decided to...
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    From Reports on the Continent suggest that Manchester City will turn their attentions to signing Diego from Werder Bremen, as they finally accept that the chances of luring Kaka to Eastlands are minimal. Juventus are reportedly challenging the Mancunian outfit for the attacking...
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    Official - Bridge signs

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