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    Using a different entrance than shown on yout ticket

    Does anybody know if you can use a different entrance than the one shown on your ticket? I'm taking a couple of younger son's mates with us on Saturday, they are going to sit in different block than me but I would have liked us all to go in together. Thanks.
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    Ex-Chelsea Footballer Weah

    FFS. He was on loan at Chelsea, then signed for us on a permanent basis. although it wasn't that permanent ;)
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    MEUN Team of the week

    FFS, they scrape a draw conceding 2 goals to a team near the bottom of the table. We batter one of the better teams in the league while keeping a clean sheet, but the clowns at the Evening News chose their keeper and 2 of their defenders......... Really?
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    Premiership footballer wanted following Hale Hit and Run

    From the Messenger. What's the betting who it is....... I'm hoping Van Poncey! Premiership footballer wanted by police following hit and run collision in Hale 10:12am Wednesday 11th September 2013 in News By Kate Banks, Reporter The picture of the Audi Q7 which circulated on Twitter The...
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    City launch MLS Franchise

    We knew it was happening but full details look likely to appear on the website any time. Just went on there and it flashed up as a headline but then went off and I can't find it again!
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    Jose Mourinho signs new 4 year contract with Real Madrid

    Interesting timing! Glad Bobby pulled it off and we don't have to entertain 'the special one'.
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    Take That COMS June 2011

    I thought we'd given up having events like this. Good earner though, maybe it's to help boost the coffers for UEFA, actually it's more likely that the Council want a cut. My missus and her mates are mad on this lot. Tickets go on sale on Friday morning, do you reckon Season Ticket holders will...
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    Ireland speaks out [Merged]

    Well thanks for that Stevie FFS! <a class="postlink" href=",19528,11661_6326048,00.html" onclick=";return false;">,19528, ... 48,00.html</a>