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    Pep only here 3 years?

    Interesting to see this article pop up. Thought this would be the case when he only signed a 3 year deal. Considering we've been trying to get pep for over a decade this would be a little disappointing to...
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    Homegrown options

    With this quota move off the table, curious what other homegrown options people think city will pursue. Will we compete with the rags for Schneiderlin? Alex Song, maybe renew interest for barkley? Maybe in other positions such as reserve GK, we could pursue McCarthy or Butland. Cresswell...
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    English players

    With Milner seemingly leaving it seems like we might have a bit of a dilemma in this department, really don't want us to go wasting all our limited FFP budget on some overrated english player. IMO, we should sign Delph on something like a 3 year deal. Probably not good enough for city when all...
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    City Youtubers

    City's official channel is comfortably the best out there, but was wondering if anyone knew of any fan channels about city? Something along the lines of The True Geordie, which is a great channel about Newcastle ran by a fan. I've looked around and I've never been able to find anything, even a...
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    City's 4 star striker policy holding us back?

    Thought this for a while. I think it's a flawed policy on multiple counts. Firstly, if you have 4 20 million plus strikers, no-one sits on the bench happily, like say Hernandez does at Man United or Ba will at Chelsea, and that leads not only to discontent but bruised egos and consequently...
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    Lowered price against Plzen if we win tonight?

    Hard to imagine they'll charge the listed amount if we win and it becomes a dead rubber game. Stadium will probably be very empty if they do.
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