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    VAR Thread - 2021/22

    The problem that the PL and broadcasters have now is that the top three are most likely going to be the top three at the end of the season and that leaves only one place left for either the rags, the arse, the spuds or wet spam. They are going to have to choose what team is going to get the last...
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    I think that the powers that be will have to do something about the spuds and wet spam, if they keep getting results the rags won't be able to get that top four spot.
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    Corruption in English football?

    They said that slab heads wasn't a clear and obvious error - cheating bastards.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Come on - when are they going to be legitimately 2 goals up.
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    VAR Thread - 2021/22

    I watched that with Andy Grey and Richard Keys doing the talk after. They told it as it was that there was no way VAR missed it and how come Oli wasn't getting that sort of 'help' in his last few games. I think that the rags are now going to get all the help that they need to stay relevant and...
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    Sex drive as you get older?

    I have noticed age catching up with me, gone from four or five times a night down to once or twice a night. Memory has gone and I am exaggerating more these days.
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    Private plates

    I saw this in Timperley a couple of weeks ago, anyone's on here?
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    Paris Saint-Germain (H) | CL | Post Match Thread

    That tell you about the quality of Bernando when the lad had a choice of PSGs big names to ask.
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    Colin Pitchfork

    It's probably cheaper just to keep him banged up.
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    Happy Diwali!!!

    We went to an Indian restaurant last night here in Spain and they were celebrating Diwalli, it was an absolutely top night with great food and live music. I obviously live a sheltered life as I have never heard of Diwalli before.
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    Banking scam

    The rags are getting scammed for nearly 1 million a week from some bloke called Ronnie, do you think we should inform them - nah.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    It's gunna be tough even for VAR to keep them relavent.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    They are trying to secure the next generation of fans, perhaps we could do similar.
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    Low cost airlines, love 'em or hate 'em

    Couldn't resist putting this up.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    I reckon that if CR7 goes to the rags the most pissed off person in the world would be bruno, just imagine no more penalties and 95% of his goals dry up just like that.
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    Chilli Sauce (and other gourmet sauces).

    The wife does most of the cooking and she usually chops one up and throws one in whole. She puts them in curries and chillie con carne and occasionally in one or two other dishes that she conjures up. We have a friend that puts three or four in his curries, that's much too hot for us.
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    Chilli Sauce (and other gourmet sauces).

    This plant was started last year from seed and it survived the (Not so cold) winter here in Spain. I started off with six varieties of chillies last year and I still have three varieties left (six plants). They are incredibly hot and one or two in a curry is more than enough for me.
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    Chilli Sauce (and other gourmet sauces).

    We make our own from these. All home grown. These are Carolina Reaper.
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    Climate Change is here and man made

    Sky news has a climate change program that is on usually after the main news explaining how we are all killing the planet. Now the same Sky news has just been gushing about some bloke going for a joy ride into space and saying that in the future people going for joy rides into space will be a...
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