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    Life is tough. Another drunken post.

    I'm really struggling lately. Drunk as a skunk now drinking gin to put off going to bed and hours of anxiety. Life is hard as of the past year or so. I've kids so I have to find ways to keep going ...but how? It's worse than the Sterling or Mahrez dilemmas that I go on about in my day to day on...
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    Eire og Eire Og Eire Og Eire Og Eire Og Eire Og Amazing win by my parish club this weekend to make it to the Cork Senior League this weekend. Drunk. Yes. I am. Fuxkin marvelous to see the kids getting autographs from real giants. Soccer (slash football) is great but nothing like the physical...
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    9:21pm (21st second of the the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century)

    9:21pm (21st second of the the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century) Just sayin' like.
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    I’m not really paying too much attention to the awards themselves but noticed some weird looks from the crowd.
  6. T Commentator does my head in

    Oh my god-deh the commentator of Manchester City-yay PREMIER league-a Champions-a does my f*ken head-deh IN What is it-teh about he VOICE-heh that is so annoying-ahh Please oh PLEASE ah get someone-ah else in the SUMMER-rah.
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    This made me smile...(KDB & Jesus)

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    McClaren on SSN now

    The guy is lacks any self respect. Going on so much so that he is even boring the interviewer into a near coma.
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    Keyboard for a 6 year old?

    Hi, anyone ever start their 6 year old on piano lessons and would recommend a good keyboard. I'd like to get it at Christmas rather than when he goes for lessons.....'cos my story is that Santa wants him to learn. ;-) Thanks Tony
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    Kids watching Sky Sports

    Do they think that kids don't watch sports shows or is it just that none of them have their own kids? Drives me crazy when I see adverts for The Walking Dead, latest horror movie or something else completely ridiculous in the morning while my 5 year old is watching SSN. I'd be tempted to email...
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    Ereaders - are they still a decent gift? Any advice?

    thanks Running out of time for a gift for my wife.
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    66,000,000 years ago today...

    Dinosaur overlords were defeated by early man. #respect.
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    De Bruyne Alternative?

    A few more euros and we could get Bale. I like that for the reason that we are very apeless on the right.
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    Vietnam match on tv?

    Couldn't see it on sky...
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    Should we offer him a coaching role? Old style defender but maybe there is still valuable experience to pass on?
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    Living next to Asbestos building

    Anyone out there have any advice on living next to an Asbestos tiled building. It's an very large old shed that used to be used to process potatoes. It's been abandoned since the 80s but seems in good shape ( as far as I can see from the outside). I'm about 50 feet from it and there are trees...
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    The Ukraine league - any good deals to be had?

    It's not a bad league and the poor country is going through an awful time. I wonder if players are begging their agents to get them out. It's a bit heartless but should City go in and offer a few of the best a lifeline at an ashamedly low cost? I'd imagine if I was there I'd be happy for my...
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    What if all home grown players were from the EDS?

    Do we have the necessary talent in the EDS to not have to store up senior Home Grown players? Could we keep Hews around rather than Rodwell (loan to prove himself or just sell)? Lopes instead of Sinclair seems straight forward. If we have a core of capable and pliable kids then why bother with...
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    Anyone have a schedule of our Pre-Season?

    Thankfully we have the World Cup to distract us during this window but I still yearn for the preseason to begin. However I hope the WC doesn't prevent the team from having a really strong preseason (in terms of togetherness and training more than results). It could be a critical factor in...
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    To cheer up visiting Sevilla fans

    <a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return false;">viewtopic.php?f=5&t=98528</a> Welcome and best of luck!!!
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