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    Premier League Games 4/5/6 December

    Im with you mate, he aint off the pace
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    Premier League Games 4/5/6 December

    How the fuck is that not a red card??
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    Premier League Games 4/5/6 December

    Quality goal that by moura
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    Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

    My lads 22 mate, good on ya mate keep them hugs coming for him, a happy child is a gift :)
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    Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

    Im a 52yrd old dad & im not ashamed to say i cried reading the report, the poor little fella truly heartbreaking, how sick are some people? his own dad ffs,the person who should be his protector,i’d hang both of them in a heartbeat the pair of cunts
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    Aston Villa (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Fucking small time cunts booing jack “one of their own”, if ever we get as shit as villa & phil leaves for a “ bigger & better club” he’d still get a hero’s welcome, thats the difference, i fucking hate villa shithouse small club
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    Mike Dean

    Bordering on criminal tonight, but not a word will be said
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    The shithouse fuckin mardarse cr37 stormed off at the fulltime whistle & ole shook his fuckin hand!!! any strong manager would’ve ordered him back on & show some respect to the watford players
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Well the cunts did only lose it 2-1, isn’t that classed as progression for the wheel master after losing the first 2-0?? #keep the useless one
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    Premier League Games 20/21 November

    We were 5-0 up, would’ve been 10 that day but for the monsoon in the 2nd half
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    Your favourite Cider

    Thatchers vintage is lovely ice cold, only one or two mind!! diamond white is just 100% banging head chemical shite (just my opinion) ;)
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    36hrs later & hardly a “nibble” hmmm??
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    General Videogame Thread

    Fifa is an embarrassment game play wise, pes wiped the floor with it in that respect, it’ll be pes 20 with updated squads for me from now on
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    Kieron Dyer to undergo a liver transplant

    I remember saying at the time he didn’t look well was quite shocked how he appeared actually, wish him well injuries ruined a good career for him, was a quality player breaking through at ipswich
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    Manchester United (A) - Sat 6 Nov 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Once again their cup final arrives, we’re so overdue smashing these cunts again
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    City’s New Kits - 2022/23

    I hate the red and black kits, don’t do anything red, love our recent maroon kits that should be our away colour
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    Crystal Palace (H) - Post-Match Thread

    These weird results happen from time to time, my biggest worry is the “form” or major lack of it from kdb, cant carry him much longer, jack G in his free role like villa would also help us, pep knows best i guess
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    Crystal Palace (H) - Post-Match Thread

    That fucker went in in slow motion,what was he doing?? im 52 with knees that are fucked, but id’ve at least got a hand to it :)
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    Holidays abroad unlikely this year

    I did mine in august, it came through in a couple of hours mate
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