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    Bruges at Home - Good Prices

    Just bought tickets In South Stand L2 for a family of four. Very good value for £65.
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    Thanks Pep for calling out the ref (and Liverpool fans)

    Pep was right. A City defender would have been sent off for the fouls Milner committed. Thanks also Pep for reminding people about the cowardly attack on our coach and highlighting that our coaches were spat on. Scummy behaviour that gets brushed under the carpet.
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    It Worked

    So the world didn’t end today!
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    #43 | Lukas Nmecha - 2020/21 Performances

    I see the Luca Nmecha thread is blocked so I thought I would mention that he is on a good run having notched 2 goals last night. I assume he is still on loan and he hasn’t been sold?
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    Supporters Club Membership: 2020/21 Season

    Branches of the Official Supporters Club are now signing up Blues for the 2020/21 season. Anybody interested in joining the Harrogate Blues, please send me a DM. Clearly, there is uncertainty about when home and away fans will be let back in grounds. We signed up / re-signed 30 members on the...
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    Suicide Prevention

    A. Guy in front of me has just jumped into a moving train at Leeds Station. Just a reminder that there is help out there for anyone feeling very low.
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    Latest City Survey on Fan Engagement

    I’ve just completed a survey from City on: what I think of the current state of engagement with the Club, the players, City Matters?; did ticket prices offer value for money?; whether I feel valued by the senior management of the Club?; and my views on City in the Community and City Giving etc...
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    Win Tonight and What a Week!

    This should be easily the best week of our season so far(fingers crossed). - Fernandinho signs new contract - Sane back in training - Smashed the Ragettes in the FA Cup - Hammered Fulham - Booked (subject to tonight) another trip to Wembley. Brendan Rogers won’t be there! Cone on City!
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    Over 300 Supporters Club Branches

    Congratulations to our Official Supporters Club. The number of Branches has exceeded 300 for the first time. Well done folks!
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    Ticket Scammers

    Three people from Cyprus travelled with us on our Coach for the Spurs game. They had bought “Premium Seats” but the seller was nowhere to be seen yesterday. The scammers are pretending to be partners of Etihad and sell on line. I’m afraid I don’t have more details that that. I gave the guy who...
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    Danny Wilson’s Contact Details

    I need to contact the Club, urgently. I know Danny Wilson's contact details have been posted on here before but I can’t find them. Can somebody please help me by sending me Danny’s email and / or telephone number. Many thanks. Tim
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    Home Tickets

    Given the increased emphasis on home tickets after the recent City Matters / City decisions, I thought a home tickets thread would be appropriate. I’ve noted that the Spurs, Rags, Bin dippers, Chelsea and Norwich ganes have already sold out. I wouldn’t be surprised if more home games are sold...
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    Coach from Harrogate and Leeded to Wembley

    We have spacess on a coach from North Yorks via Harrogate and Leeds to Wembley. Please message me if you are looking for Wembley Travel and are in the area. Thanks
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    Huddersfield Away

    i would love a ticket for this game Blues I was banking on there being tickets left in the morning.
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    Season Cards for Most Home Games

    Mainly for info. I am looking after the Season Cards of a few friends who are serving overseas. (They will be coming back for the odd game so I can’t sell the cards for the season) There are 2 together on the halfway line in East Stand Level 3 and 1 that’s pretty central in East Stand Level 3...
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    Bluemooners Summer Meet Up (Saturday 7th July 2018)

    It’s been the greatest of seasons and deserves more celebrations. Hopefully we can get more than the usual 10 for the Bluemooners gathering this Summer. IMHO, 19 would be about right / mind the gap. A century would be asking too much I think. Who would be up for a few pints in Rain Bar on...
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    Captain 1936-37 Season

    Hi Bluemooners Can somebody please tell me who was our Captain in the 1936-37 season and where they were from. Many thanks
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    Liverpool Away - Sold Out

    Hi Bluemooners My mate and his wife had the points to get Liverpool Away Tickets today but they were on a flight back from a holiday in India. They couldn’t contact the Club or access the ticket site before the tickets sold out. If anyone gets a couple of spares please let me know. Many thanks.
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    Palace Away - NYE Travel

    I will be travelling from Urmston to Palace and back on New Years Eve. Do any Bluemooners know of any good deals on the trains (not including railcards), or where the nearest coach is setting off from. Thanks
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    Glasgow Pubs and Bars

    i am working in Glasgow from Monday to Thursday. I like going in the Horseshoe Bar and Merchant City. Any other good suggestions for pubs / bars (for Tuesday and Wednesday night) would be great. Many thanks
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