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    Pablo Moreno

    Didn't find a thread for him Was very highly rated when he came here from Juventus. Hopefully he will have a good loan, but could have been interesting to have him around the first-team in our current striker-less situation?
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    La Liga thread 2020/2021

    Merlin absolutely running the show it seems for Sociedad at the minute
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    Oasis reunion?

    Liam on the wind-up, or have they finally come to their senses?
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    Season review dvds through the years

    Hi mods feel free to move this thread anywhere you want lol, uncertain where to put it. Does anyone know a place in Manchester city centre where its possible I would find season review dvds from several older seasons or other retro City stuff? Thanks in advance for all answers
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    Leandro Paredes

    Linked to us in numerous papers, and been part of Citys media round-up last couple of days. Seems kind of out of the blue, anyone that know anything about him?
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    Champions League 2015/2016

    Again no norwegians teams in this competions since Molde couldn't build on their decent away draw, and are currently getting demolished 3-0 at home. What teams could possibly the rags end up meeting in the play off? I guess they will end up with two home-legs vs the reigning champions of...
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    FIFA series

    So autumn is near and EA is yet again out to empty our wallets. So what do you guys think? Will they actually improve the gameplay this year? Will the career mode not be shit? Will PES get even closer this year? Will this end up with PES taking the throne as the biggest football game back? Our...
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    Anyone checked on GiveMeSports? They got to be the worst sports media out there. Judging on my facebooks newsfeed where they for some reason always pops up, their 10 latest articles is about why De Bruyne and Pogba is bad targets a conclusion they came up with after what they call "research", a...
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    Aaron Ramsey

    *Please merge if there is a Ramsey thread* Since Delph snubbed us ( ;) ) , Pogba seems 50/50 atm and we're obviously targeting a HG midfielder that can hopefully reach the level as a first team player, why not Ramsey. One of the improved players since 2013, energy and legs, very good shooting...
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