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    UK to introduce porn age-checks in July Definitely not an embarrassing data leak waiting to happen. "Yes love, just popping to the shops for my porn pass, do we need milk?". Unfortunately more and more invasive control of the Internet will get worse before it gets better. "Think of...
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    Def Leppard MEN tickets

    Appreciate this isn't a selling site but due to unforseen circumstances I'm not able to make it anymore, so I have a couple of standing tickets for the gig on Wednesday 12th December. Cost me £130 and I'll post on the usual sites, but thought I'd offer them to fellow mooners for £100 + special...
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    Importing goods from USA

    Hoping someone on here has a little experience with this and can confirm some points (FedEx being unsurprisingly unhelpful). I purchased some clothing items from a company in the states, total cost including shipping was around £197. It sat in customs for a couple of days until I rang to find...
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    Dark theme/skin for forum

    Any chance Damo? Something a bit more night browsing friendly? Pretty please?
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    1 day passport - Anyone done it?

    Flight is tomorrow afternoon, took a first look at my passport this morning, realised I'm a knob and its a month out of date. I've got an appointment with the passport office tomorrow morning and I have one shot to get it right and still get to go on my trip - So has anyone done it before...
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    Proposed enforced age limit for online pornography

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ornography</a> I just can't believe people lie when the button pops...
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    Thinking of taking the missus for her birthday. Would be very grateful for recommendations on where to stay, what to do, etc. Will likely be there for a long weekend. Don't cut any corners on the suggestions either ;) Cheers!
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    Samaras is coming back to City!

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 58487.aspx</a> When WBA come to town at least. And he was FREE! Surprised we weren't in for him at that price.
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    Just having a bit of a lazy Saturday with City on tv, and it reminded me of something from our title winning season, but something that still persists. We were constantly accused of having no team spirit, and we seem to love a good Stevie G motivational huddle, but just how many teams turned up...
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    Drunk missus/partner/whoever

    How bad is yours? Currently sat up looking after a rather hammered significant other after a particularly lairy one (on a Sunday night ffs), gets way too emotional and starts going ballistic. Feel like I'm sat on egg shells hoping she now stays asleep till she's sobered up. Doesn't happen often...
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    Will we win the league? (continued)

    If we don't everyone should be fired. Sheikh included. The whole lot. Out.
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    Building computers

    Anyone else into it? Haven't built myself a PC in years but I've just bit the bullet and took delivery this morning of some shiny components to upgrade my ageing Q6600 tower. Like a kid in a sweet shop! Nice little project for the bank holiday weekend as I'm hoping to get OSX onto it as well...
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    Odd computer request for London based blues

    Anyone got a spare computer power supply I could borrow for an evening? Trying to trouble shoot a problem with my HTPC and just need a working PSU (450W or higher ideally) to see if that is the problem. Cheers!
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    New Job

    Just after a bit of advice from you lot, if you would be so kind, especially those who have moved from comfortable long term jobs. Amongst the global politics I don't really understand and corky's landlady I've seen some pretty good help dolled out on all manner of things, so I welcome any...
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    A new approach? Signings?

    So it looks like we've just lost one of our most influential attackers for probably quite a while, Yaya as yet undetermined, meanwhile our backup options are also injured, Aguero still isn't back.. How does this change the set up now? And the wider ramifications of still being in 4 competitions...
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    Help needed - Longest long shot - Housing lawyers

    Not really sure where to start with this.. I don't want to go into too much detail because frankly it's getting pretty traumatic for me, but if we have any housing/council tax lawyers in our midst, and even better if you're located in London, and you could spare a blue a few minutes for some...
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    Well, we may need to change the whole team and sack the manager, but in the face of its first meltdown of the season, Bluemoon has continued to run smooth as a babies arse. Hats off all round.
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    Big joint announcement?

    One of the more popular theories gaining traction with yet another non-announced signing is the possibility of a big joint announcement of the manager along with several players. Given we have potentially Isco, Cavani, (hopefully) Thiago, and maybe even Pepe to sign, who's going to be the last...
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    London blues - Dortmund pubs for the final

    Do they exist? Where are they? Anyone going to one?
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    Get used to losing in big finals

    Because we'll be in a lot of them and you can't win them all ;) Next year! We're coming back next year! We're coming back next year!
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