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    Evening guys just after some advise on the pros and cons on PCH or PCP I'm not the most clued guy on the planet on these things and all the figures I'm looking at are mashing my head on both options My main aim if at all possible is not to pay another deposit at the end of the lease deal as I...
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    Club shop

    Anyone know what time the club shop closes daily....looked about online but can't seem to see out
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    Smarty Mobile SIM only deal?

    Evening...looking at swapping my lads SIM only deal and after having a look round smarty seems the best £ and value...1month rolling contract ..unlimited mins and texts and 30GB of data for £10 a month and piggy back three's network...just seeing if anyone on here is with um and had any issues...
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    New mobile

    Afternoon the market for a new mobile for around the 200 mark as on a sim only contract..been looking at the honour and Huawei models ie the 8x , 10 lite,and p smart 2019 also been looking at xa 2 but one of the specs I need is a led notification aad NFC handset will only be used for...
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    Picture to canvas print

    Evening all...I'm looking at getting a picture put onto canvas approx 40 X 30 but not 100% size wise yet...was just wondering if anyone on here does this sort of thing or can recommend anyone...thanks in advance for any replies
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    Spotify or goggle play music

    Evening all...looking at subbing to either of these 2... But was just seeing if anyone on here subs to either and what are the pros and cons on both platforms...thanks in advance to any replies
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    Deleting a created thread

    Any ideas on how you delete a created thread ..cheers
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    Good evening youngest is after a ps4 and was just seeing if anyone on here is thinking of or selling there's due to it not being used/collecting dust..Would gladly appreciate a pm if anyone is with a price etc...thanks in advance
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    Gas or charcoal bbq

    Evening the hunt for a new BBQ...only ever used the disposable ones in the past but can't decide which way to go gas /charcoal ...was just hoping for some direction and the pros and cons on both
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    4k uhd tv's with hdr

    Evening...our 11 year old Samsung tv gave up the ghost today so in the hunt for a new TV...was just wondering are these 4k uhd tv's all that they are cracked up to a budget of around £650 ish...had a quick browse threw the general outlets and see you seem to get a lot of TV for your...
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    Car privacy window tints

    Evening...anyone on here do car window tints or used anyone they would recommend...thanks in advance on any replies
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    Kia Sportage

    Hi all...was just seeing if anyone on here has a Kia Sportage and which model they have ( 1,2,3 etc ) and what there general thoughts are and if anyone has had any issues with there's...obviously the big pull is the 7 year warranty..looking at changing our current car to something a bit bigger...
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    Virgin mobile

    Evening...just wondering if anyone works for virgin mobile on here...looking at trying to get a better SIM only plan out of um and was just seeing what my best bargining tool would be
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    Mini cooper

    Evening all...was just seeing if anyone on here owns a mini cooper or cooper s....looking at changing the wife's car in the next few weeks and she whittled her choice down to fancying a mini...just after some feed back on how they are for a general day to day car and if anyone has had...
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    The black lights ( band)

    Heard these lads play city Square a couple of times and thought they could pretty good and could possibly make it ...anyone know what's happened to um
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    New boiler

    Afternoon all...just been told we need a new boiler but can't afford to pay out right for it.. has anyone on here gone down the monthly route to a firm and if so who did you use...thanks in advance
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    Google play services

    Evening everyone....after some advice from them who know there shit in mobiles..did security patch update download but since been having massive battery drain... Anyone tell me if it's excessive or can tell what's doing it...thanks in advance
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    Moto g5 s plus mobile

    Looking at changing my mobile for Xmas ...on a sim only deal with virgin with unlimited mins and texts with 6 GB of data for £8 a month so not looking at going on contract...been looking around and this Moto g5 s plus seems to be getting good reviews...looked at the standard g5 and to my...
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    Club shop

    Does anyone know what the opening times are for it...looked online and can't seem to find them...thanks in advance
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    WiFi issue help

    Morning...having issues with my mobile when connected to my home WiFi...had my phone for around 8 months and never had any issues,bit this last 2 days it has been disconnecting from the WiFi for no apparent reason...the only way to get it back connected is to re boot the router but after around...
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