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    Pub recommendations City Centre

    Meeting some friends for a catch-up in the City Centre next weekend. Any recommendations on pubs, preferably one where we can sit down and chat without loud music. Thanks
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    Lip Filler

    Question for the younger posters. WTF is the attraction with lip filler? I've not seen anyone whose had it done that looks attractive, the opposite. I've always liked women with full lips (no pun intended) but not the frankenstein look. Maybe it's just old age ;)
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    Tebas resigned

    Tebas resigned. Hopefully he doesn't rock up at the PL.
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    When is the financial report out?

    Am I correct in thinking it will be released in the next week or two?
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    In house 4G signal

    Recently moved to a new house and the 4G signal is terrible. I've seen signal boosters advertised, does anyone have any experience of a cheapish solution?
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    Coral Bay, Cyprus

    Going for a few days next month. Anyone confirm a good bar that will show our games?
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    Conifer Felling Cost

    Anyone got experience/cost of felling a large conifer? Approx 60 ft high with poor access. In a neighbors garden but its blocking out a lot of light. Said I go halves.
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    Pep's Combined 11

    Apologies if this has been done before but I was thinking who from the current City squad would get in a Pep combined 11. So from the 3 teams Pep's managed I'd only have Kun scrapping in but still not 100% certain.
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    Marco Veratti

    Marco Verratti (PSG): "Man City for the Premier League. They’re not going through the best moment, but I think they are the strongest team." Wonder why he's keeping an eye on us?
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    Untold Arsenal aka Tony Attwood Crying Again!

    How Man City has weaved its around the anti-child-trafficking laws, and what Fifa are doing about it As you may recall if you are a regular reader of Untold, we’ve taken a particular interest in the FC Barcelona case concerning child trafficking and we were one of very few places that kept on...
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    Alan Shearer

    What a wanker. Just at the final whistle: Alan Shearer ‏@alanshearer 15m15 minutes ago Wonder if @MCFC will regret not going for the FA cup now! #MCFCvsRM #ChampionsLeague
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    We Fight Till the End

    What a fucking joke our PR team are! We hardly ever fight, go behind and it's game over. Squad needs ripping apart, full of Charlatans.
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    Eden Hazard: Chelsea hope Tottenham miss out on Premier League title to Leicester

    Probably would have been better to keep these comments within the club. Can imagine the Spuds fans crying over the injustice already. Last game of the season, Chelsea v Leicester ;)
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    Gianni Infantino

    Didn't take long! New Fifa president Gianni Infantino signed off on a contract with two businessmen who have since been accused of bribery, leaked documents reveal. Hugo and Mariano Jinkis bought TV rights for Uefa Champions League football and...
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    Txiki Begiristain

    If his mate Pep wasn't arriving, there would be no doubt he should get the chop along with Pellegrini. Under his watch the first team has regressed so badly.
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    Liverpool Echo

    Think this shit RAG deserves it's own thread. After the Neverton propaganda we have the latest "opinions". Graham Agg's are so fucking cringe worthy only the plastic Dippers would lap it up!
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    Champions League "Wild Cards"

    Fucking crooks, you know it's coming for the RAGS, Milan etc.
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    What happens if....

    The RAGs or Dippers win the Europa. Is it an extra CL place or just top 3 qualify? Long shot I know!
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    France Ligue 1

    Dead rubber for the foreseeable! PSG 20 points clear after 20 games.
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    Better than last year

    Positives Qualified for the Champs League 2 points better off in the League Favourites for the Capital One Cup Coped well with injuries So why do I feel like we are still playing well below the squad's level?
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