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  1. J

    Ticket transfer help

    Probably been done to death but feel ill get more help here than supporter services. I want to transfer this ticket but the button is greyed out. Any ideas?
  2. J

    Wolves Home 109 £25 **SOLD**

    Can't make it as I'm working. Block 109 £25
  3. J

    Villa Away
  4. J

    Ticket for today block 109 £20

    Can't go as I'm working, if you want pm me your supporter number
  5. J

    Karim Adeyemi

    Not sure if anyone is keeping tabs on this kid, looking like a very exciting prospect. 19 years old, 8 goals in 10 Austrian bundesliga games and 3 in 4 in the champions league
  6. J

    My brother

    Hey everyone Not sure if I should be posting this, if not mods please delete, my brother had a nasty fall a couple of years ago and did some irreversible damage to his knee which he's had a couple of operations until last week he was okay walking on a crutch but his leg gave way whilst walking...
  7. J

    Name the autographs

    Just pulled this out of my brothers wardrobe, I know a few but not all as I was only a pup back then
  8. J

    Download Festival

    So whos going next week?
  9. J


    Anyone buy one of these? Is it worth the money?
  10. J

    Ricky Hatton

    Who else saw him in the eastlands bar today! Top blue!
  11. J

    Retro bar

    Anyome know where this is? Thinking of going to nyte heet which is held there, love my 80s metal, so wanna give this a try
  12. J

    Two SPL youth players die 22/12/13

    Absolutely devastating, so young, thoughts and prayers go out to their families <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... hs-2953734</a>
  13. J

    Must be fake, but made laugh!!

  14. J

    P+++++d myself laughing today...

    Was shopping in Home Bargins today and came across this masterpiece... Anybody else seen something this ridiculous. CORRECTED.
  15. J


    Sorry if already a thread on the subject. But lookin at the Real Betis situation and the talk of coming down harder on clubs, do you think FIFA should potentially punish national sides by docking points from international competitions should that nations FA fail to do something about the problem?
  16. J

    The Ritz?

    Quick question, anyone know where abouts it is? Is it near town?
  17. J

    Black Ops 1

    Still on it as i prefer the first, if anyone else is my psn is: hixxy_666 love to have a few games with fellow blues
  18. J

    FIFA 14

    The word Beautiful!!!
  19. J

    Download Fest 2013

    A week on friday. Whos going? Whos going on the weds, be good if fellow blues and lovers of rock music met up for a few drinks? :)
  20. J

    Trouble sleeping?

    Like a 6 year old on christmas eve, sleeping just isnt happening!!!
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