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    Peter Sellers on the Parkinson show. His genius is on display there for Parkinson's whim and the audiences delight. Sellers was a show off and happy performing for them with humorous anecdotes mimicking and frighteningly accurate assimilation of his fellow actors voices. He was a genius. In our...
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    This drama on BBC has been excellent and hit home on many themes. Sean Bean, too good an actor to play James Bond in my opinion is mesmeric in the role of playing a priest. I thought the latest episode really rang true of how our public servants really have their priorities disposed and it's not...
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    It's about Amarillo.

    My fellow barfly visited Amarillo on holiday and on the coach to the destination with other Brits settled in and as the coach driver was clicking into gear, he decided to stand up and announce "Is this the way to Amarillo?" Silence descended. A few awkward seconds was only interrupted by a tug...
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    Rio nothing between the ears.

    Expressed that English players are over priced. What did you cost, was it alright then?
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    How fantastic is Aguero?

    Aguerro was mesmerising on Saturday. His touch, speed and awareness was out of this world. He is bang on form. He really looks like he is enjoying his football and playing for Man City.
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