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    This Saddened Me Today

    Just caught this on the news, this is terrible and it must be happening all over the UK, how can we just sit by and watch children get through life without the basic necessities of life? Obviously there is more to this than meets the eye when you delve deeper but none of this is the childs...
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    Captain Kirk To Go Into Space

    Finally a feel good story ;)
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    Sheffield Wednesday Players Not Paid

    The PFA have been called in to look at the situation, it's looking a bit grim.
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    Rainbow Laces Initiative Not To Be Used In Countries Where The Initiative Is Actually Needed.

    Both United and Liverpool are not using the Rainbow Laces initiative in countries that might take offence to it, these countries are the ones that they should be targetting instead of preaching to the converted surely...
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    Grandson met a legend today

    What a lovely man Kiddo is, Daughter asked if he was famous and Kiddo said he was before he made a fuss of my Barcelona/Messi enamoured grandson. What a great guy thanks a lot mate. Heaton park out for a jog he was.
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    Does anyone use a projector instead of a TV?

    Wife wants to shift to a projector instead of having a TV I'm not too sure. Has anyone bought one and thought they were a bit faddy so stuck it back in a box and in a cupboard or do you use it daily?
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    ebay auctions

    I have tried to win a few lots on auction but everything I seem to go for goes above what you can just buy now on the main listings. I'm just wondering if anyone has won an auction on there and got a bargain in the process?
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    Cat brought Duckling in, what to do with it?

    I have rang around but as yet haven't gotten through to anyone, the bird is in my kitchen making a right racket but it seems to be unharmed, does anyone here know what to do and how I go about getting any help for it?
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    This caught my eye about the grammys

    After reading up on last years list of winners and this years nominees nothing adds up here, what exactly do they mean by overlooked when most of the nominees and winners are either women or BAME?
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    Another One Bites The Dust

    Victoria Secret under the spotlight and cancels 'Fashion' show amid accusations of not being diverse enough.
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