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    REFORM Blonde

    How fit is the blonde. Anyone else have this recurring situation.
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    Our Friends In Merseyside

    Carlo Ancelloti’s home has been raided by 2 armed men while his daughter was alone in the property. How many times is this going to happen before there is public outrage. Some narrow back shit houses know who exactly is behind these low life scumbag criminals and chose to not grass them up. I...
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    My layout on an I pad

    i must have pressed something, adverts down the side. Any help appreciated
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    Apache: Carlos Tevez Story

    2/3 rds the way through it on Netflix. What an upbringing he had. I miss him.
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    Pep signs new deal until 2023

    Surely the big news from Khaldoon’s interview with Sky. I could not be happier .
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    i refuse to shop there and won’t be changing my mind , especially this morning hacking my I pad.
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    Cup Final Trains.

    Yep , that old chestnut , return trains and extra time risk. 9 p.m. is the latest return advertised at the moment. Can anyone with recent experience speculate as to what might happen please.
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    Smoking Pure Green

    Getting a little bit concerned now. My 16 year old lad has been dabbling for a while and me and his mum are seeing some worrying signs. Not sure where to go with it but one thing is clear we need some external help in dealing with this. Any advice would be very gratefully received.
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    My Left Foot

    Well not mine to be fair but City’s. David Silva Bernardo Silva Leroy Sane Benjamin Mendy Aymeric Laporte Riyad Mahrez Most teams would be happy with 1 good leftie. This is unique and a mouth watering prospect.
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    Step up that man

    Go on , hands up , who is the guy on here with the flag and flagpole proudly bearing our wonderful club emblem on the main drag down into Padstow. I wish to congratulate you on your fine work young man .
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    Time catching up with Zabaleta?

    This guy has given every last ounce to this club and he will go down as a true legend. I wish we could turn back the clock and re sign him as a 24 year old with hair. All good things come to an end and I believe we are very close to that now. He knows his time is up , you can see it in his...
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    Come on It's Friday Lets have it....
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    Piccadily to Euston tickets

    2 x first class single on the 9.45 am this tuesday going Very cheap. Pm Me if interested
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    I phone 4 replacement screen

    Any body know any walk in repair shops in south Manchester. Cheers
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    Well done Aleks...

    Started this thread yesterday , buggered off making me tea for 1/2hour and it had gone but will try once more : I was one of a number of posters calling for Kolarov to replace Clichy for the Hull game. Well done Pelli for doing it. As far as I am concerned he was given his chance and he took...
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    Rodwell doing a Lakey

    And I don't because mean of the horrendous bad luck with injuries. Centre Half all day long. Discuss.
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    White Hart Cheadle .....

    What the hell had gone on there this afternoon. Police everywhere and crime scene tape.
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    Mark Halsey is....

    A fookin top top man. Spent 2 hours with him yesterday after bumping into him on a train and cannot speak highly enough of the guy. He is in the process of writing a "no holes barred" book which will be released as soon as he retires and is very fond of us blues ( for obvious reasons). I...
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    Beautiful high achieving ladies

    Who get you going She is right up there for me. Amanda Staveley. Cooorrrrrrr
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    David Gill

    Just got on my carriage at euston. Any suggestions ?
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