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    Didn't take long for the "pep out" brigade to resurface. He deflects pressure from the players by saying the rags played well and some on here think he's a united fan . Shit happens in derbies - we gave the rags a few bloody noses when we were mid table and they were winning leagues and cups, do...
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    Elano and Glauber Berti on PL World this week

    A city legend and Elano the focus of this week's sky sports Premier League World
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    Football on hold?

    A good friend of mine is a coach at Cardiff, big rumours there that football clubs are going to be briefed on a 3 week shutdown shortly... Not saying it's 100% but he's usually right with info. What do you reckon blues? I think it's inevitable something will happen. Can see the FA cup getting...
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    Apologies if this has been discussed guys, but "that goal" is on sky sports just now. I've watched it maybe 1000 times?? I've only just noticed Vinnie's run to the near post for Mario's assist to create the space for Sergio. I've always been so focused on the ball and the strike I completely...
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    Guardiola: “If the club wants me, I want to stay here” Basically, all you media can fuck off, so can Munich, so can yoooofah, so can der Spiegel, I love this club and I'm fucking staying!
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    Whats next for this squad?

    First of all, I think that with Laporte coming back, Eddie, Rodri regaining full fitness etc we have a great chance of winning the CL this season if we finally get the right decisions and a bit of luck along the way. But, I do think that the past month or so has shown that we are in need of a...
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