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    Video Technology

    So, in light of "several" blatantly wrong decisions that have cost us, and other clubs, points and wrongful suspensions for innocent players this season, the need for the use of video technology seems, to my mind, to be overwhelming. The problem obviously isn't that the technology needs to be...
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    Ultimate City ?

    Is this the ultimate City team? GK – Hart RB – Pablo LB – Clichy CB – Kompany CB – Demichelis (clever)/Mangala (physical) DM – Yaya AM – Silva LM – Nasri / Milner if Nasri sees his arse ever again or Milner puts in performances that make him too good to be dropped RM – Navas / Milner if...
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    GOLD league winners patches

    All I want to know is, does anybody know where I can get my hands on a couple of these patches? I remember from 11/12 that I bought them off some random website that somebody on here knew about.... Can anybody help (?) as I've searched t'internet and I'm getting nowhere (Don't know if this is...
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    Roberto Mancini vs Ken Dodd

    After last months Joe Hart vs Patrick Kielty painting, this month I've done... ... this ^ ^ ^. So who is it? Is it Roberto Mancini? Or is it Ken Dodd? I'll let you make your own minds up.
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    Joe Hart... my mate's son's favourite player (he's only 6), so I painted this for him. The thing is, after spending too many days doing it, I don't think it's any good, it doesn't really look like him, etc, etc etc..., but that's probably just my weak artistic mind playing tricks on me...
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    COME ON!

    Angus Deyton! John Virgo! Zoe Ball! Karl Pilkington! Steve Coogan! Eamonn Holmes! Mick Hucknall! We beat you all! We beat you all! Terry Christian, can you hear me? Terry Christian! Your boys took one hell of a beating!
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