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    Think i have found a prozzie!!

    Just gone in the wardrobe and found one.Feckin hope its for me :o)
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    Found this on the interwebs,one for the celler methinks

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> WTF! Click link to see the full gallery and WTFness.
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    96 year old man becomes a dad

    Get in you old twat. :) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 96-1382157</a>
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    Quantity over quality

    158.931 topics on bluemoon and only 39 of them worthy of classic status!
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    Zidane headbutt statue erected in Paris

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    The John Peel Soundcloud collection

    Impressive stuff
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    Were you racist in 1984?

    I was looking at the Michael barrymore video in the thread,Lord god in heaven above... and it seems to me that racist views must of been mainstream back then,so were you racist?
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    The Giraffe that wasn't President

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    Top earners

    According to the Independent. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 02793.html</a>...
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    Bluemoon TV

    Has bluemoon got its own youtube channel?
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    Balotelli,Time to cash in?

    Last season for Mario was an up and down one,for him,the team and the fans,he divided fans like no other player,while he can be a match winner and game changer he can also be a liability. Before the tournament there were rumours we were open to offers with some on here saying we should take any...
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    Premier league important goal scorers stats

    What is an important goal? In a game where we win by more than two,the opening goal is crucial,example the 4-0 opening game against Swansea,it was Dzekos opening goal that set up the win. In a game where we win by the odd goal,the winning goal is crucial. In a game where we draw,what ever the...
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    José Bosingwa and Salomon Kalou

    Released by Chelsea. Any takers?
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    El Classico sandwiched between the two semis

    Why did the Spanish league do that,knowing their two top teams were likely to get that far in the champions league why put them up against each other the weekend inbetween the semis? As it turned out it affected them both and instead of having two Spanish teams in the final they now have none.
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    Drunk man walking game

    Choose home run 2004. How far can you get? Click here to play
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    Centre half as centre forward when chasing a game

    I was just wondering why we don't ever try this when we are away from home 1-0 down,as so often is the case these days,with 5 minutes to go,throw Vinny or Lescott forward and keep them there. I have a vague memory of barcelona doing this with Pique against Inter a couple of years ago,so why...
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    The Euros effect

    Normally after a major tournament the players coming back tend to suffer early season as a result,next season how much if any will this affect us compared to our closest rivals? We have a good few possibles for England but nowhere near as many as United,YAYA and kolo will get a good summers...
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    Daily Mail wins newspaper of the year at press awards

    A song to celebrate.
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    Why can't you type a rival football teams name correctly

    I see a lot of variations of football teams names on here,notlob,everscum,dipperpool,for example. Its almost like some posters are unable to allow themselves to actually write the names of the teams themselves so revert to some insulting variation on the name,but why?
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    The off topic million posts countdown

    Only 138 to go.
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