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    Manuel Locatelli

    Haven't watched him play myself, but I remember him being hyped when he was at Milan. Any Serie A watchers here? Obligatory YT video:
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    David Silva surprises fan (and speaks English!)

    It's not every day you see our magician speak English, so thought I'd post this here. David surprised a Norwegian City supporter in Gran Canaria a few days ago and spent the day with him. Edit: Geo-locked. Sorry.
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    Private jet from Porto to Manchester

    Seen this rumour on here a couple of times tonight. What's the source? Anything in this?
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    Aymeric Laporte

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    José Gayà Hopefully Kolarov's replacement.
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    Aguero vs Falcao

    Does anyone know the minutes per goal ratio of both?
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    Yaya to leave soon?

    Couldn't find a thread about this. Thoughts? I sure hope he doesn't want out this summer, or the next, or the one after that.
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    I had the worst dream last night

    Seriously, last night I had the worst dream I've ever had. I dreamt that our dear Merlin had handed in a transfer request and held a press conference saying he would leave the club at the end of the season. I then woke up, or so I thought, and went on here and Bluemoon was just pure chaos. I...
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    Partner for Kompany - speculation

    Well, it's pretty clear that we need to buy a world class partner for Kompany in the summer. Which world class centre-backs are available this summer, and who would you like to see partner Vincent next season?
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    Aguero 5th quickest to reach 50 goals?

    According to this, he's the 5th quickest player to reach 50 goals in PL. But doesn't he have the most goals ever per minute in PL (50 goals+), and should therefore be the quickest? <a class="postlink"...
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    Zlatan Ibrahimović

    Pretty please, Sheikh Mansour?
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    Limited availability - OS tickets - Newcastle home

    Already bought plane tickets for Manchester, and was planning on buying tickets for the game when general sale opened, but when I try to buy tickets it says that they only have limited availability and I can't buy them. What can I do to get a couple of tickets? Would be a bummer to be in...
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    Newcastle home March 30th

    General sale opened today, but there are only tickets with Limited availability. I'm not very familiar with the ticket section on the OS, so I'm not sure who these limited tickets are for. My question is, is there any way I can get two tickets from the OS? Have already bought my plane tickets...
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    Help. I need a good question for Robbie Fowler.

    Fowler is on a Norwegian television show today, and they are giving away a signed City kit for the best question to Fowler. Is anyone willing to help me out? I was thinking of something related to his time at City?
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    The transfer forum is...

    a lot more fun with ITKs.. I miss Tolmie.
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    Silva injured

    Just left the field after ten minutes..
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    Mohammed Abu loan deal agreed

    Mohammed Abu will yet again go on loan and play for Stromsgodset IF. He didn't get playing time in 2. Bundesliga, and he has now returned to Norway, where he was one of the league's best players in 2010. Seems like all the Stromsgodset fans are ecstatic with his return. Good luck to the lad...
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    Sky Sports: Mark Hughes to Barnet!!

    Sky Sports: 11.30 Barnet have made a double transfer deadline day swoop by signing Mark Hughes and Matt Lockwood on loan. Northern Ireland international midfielder Hughes has moved to Underhill from Chester while full-back Lockwood has joined from Colchester.
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